10 educational autumn games for children in the fresh air


This game is a little similar to the previous one, but there are significant differences. Firstly, there is a driver who stands in a circle of other participants. Secondly, there is no need to form phrases here.

At the beginning of the game, the driver says: “We came to the zoo and saw what is here...” Then he throws the ball to one of the participants, saying “beast.” The participant must quickly name some animal and return the ball to the driver. Next, the driver throws the ball to another player and says “bird,” and he quickly says the name of a bird and returns the ball. The third player gets the word “fish”. The words “beast”, “bird” and “fish” can be named in any order and even several times in a row. The one who answered incorrectly, hesitated, or named the animal that another player named is eliminated from the game.

The competition continues until one player remains. He then becomes the next driver.

Drawing on the asphalt

Drawing with crayons is interesting for all children - both toddlers and schoolchildren. There are many options to diversify this activity.

For example:

  • organize a yard (or inter-yard) drawing competition on a given topic. Buy all sorts of small things or sweets as prizes, post an announcement in advance at all entrances indicating the place and time of the event. Invite everyone - both adults and children. After all, you can arrange family competitions;
  • just go out into the yard when there are a lot of children there and start drawing with your little one. After a short time you will see that other children have gathered around;
  • in sunny weather, find a shadow on the asphalt or create one yourself, and then outline its outline with chalk. Then start drawing the details, and you will get a beautiful drawing of a person or a dog, or a tree;
  • draw a safari. Let different animals disperse from the very entrance and in different directions from the house - giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos.

Even just drawing a house with a grandmother and a cat next to it will be very interesting for the baby, because everyone who passes by will see his drawing. Agree, such art always brings a smile to passersby.


Autumn has arrived and brought with it rain, dampness and dirt. Instead of walking around the yard, I would like to sit at home, covered with a blanket and buried in the computer. But fresh air is necessary, and you need to walk in any weather and at any time of the year! For such cases, I have a few ideas in stock. Here is my list of 14 things to play outside in the fall:

1. Firstly, the most interesting thing in the fall is
the collection of natural materials
. Nuts, chestnuts, cones, all kinds of seeds. They are beautiful in their own right. They can be laid out in various containers, counted, sorted. This is an excellent material for tactile play.

And then you can use everything collected every day to make new crafts from natural materials

. For example, we have autumn crafts posted here that we did with the children.

a herbarium while walking


But you can play with all this autumn wealth right on the street: 3. Throw chestnuts for accuracy

(I wrote here how to make such a comet from chestnut).

tic-tac-toe with chestnuts (or pine cones) and sticks


5. Collect autumn leaves of different shapes, and then outline them with chalk


a crown out of autumn leaves


7. If the day turns out to be windless, you can lay out pictures from leaves directly on the ground. It's called land-art


mazes like this

, and then go through them.

9. It’s good to draw and write on wet soil with a stick.

. My Katya made her first “understandable” drawing with a stick on the ground.


This is a cat:) with legs at the bottom and a tail at the back.

10. You can launch boats

and “to fish.”

Foam boats. I wrote how to make them here.

11. And if you take a camera with you, that’s absolutely great - you can trust your baby to take pictures, which the whole family can then look at at home.

hunting with or without a camera

"on anything.
For example, walk around the yards and count all the cats. Or look for different letters, trying to collect the entire alphabet, as we did here.

“Letters hunt” - making up the alphabet

12. There is another similar game, I came across it on the wonderful site kokokoKIDS - make a “ find”

scavenger hunts
") (list of what to find on a walk).
And then celebrate on the street everything that we managed to find. There on the website you can download two versions of such a “find”, or you can draw your own. Here is our story
about how we played this game in the park. The finder can be for things and objects, or sound (“sound check”). Those. you need to find sounds: birds singing, a dog barking, the sound of dripping water, etc. (I saw this option in the equally wonderful blog maggymama).

Forest find (“Scavenger Hunts”)

13. As before, all organized games remain relevant, i.e.
games with rules. I wrote about some of them - here for children 1-3 years old and here for children 3-5 years old). You can also play pretend games. 14. If the weather is really bad and all you can do is wander back and forth along the paths, then you can play word games with your child, ask riddles, or practice solving mathematical problems that you can come up with on the spot.

Enjoy your walks! :)

"Black Mark"

In this game, all participants, except one, stand in one row facing forward. One (the driver) stands a little further away (2-3 meters from the others) with his back to everyone. At this time, one of the players throws a ball at his back. You just need to throw it lightly so that the driver doesn’t get hurt. The driver then turns to face the players and tries to guess who sent him the “black mark”.

If the driver guesses correctly, he changes places with the thrower. If he doesn’t guess, he turns away and everything repeats all over again.

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