The best gift ideas for the New Year 2021 of the Pig - what the symbol of the year loves and doesn’t like

Gifts for the New Year with meaning and real benefit are something that Santa Claus himself could not provide. The old man is a pro, but you know your family and household better. And if the gifts are to the liking of the symbol of the year, the Yellow Pig or the Earthy Pig (go and find out which of this couple is in charge), consider that they have ensured prosperity for your loved ones for the current 12 months. There is also support from the stars, and New Year's surprises can be chosen according to zodiac signs. In order not to clutter up your space with duty dust collectors, find out how to make small souvenirs with your own hands and what to give for the New Year of the Pig to your beloved colleagues, friends, other half, and family in general. The briefing begins, let's go, let's go!

In this article:

  • gifts to attract good luck;
  • gifts from the point of view of the zodiac;
  • DIY magic;
  • signs of attention to colleagues;
  • don't forget about friends
  • the second half is the main thing;
  • family and relatives are sacred.

General recommendations for choosing gifts for the New Year 2021

Use the following tips for choosing a gift for the New Year of the Yellow Pig:

  • Choose a gift that will please the person for whom it is intended. Even if you personally like the gift, think about whether the person to whom you will give it will be pleased.
  • Don't try to buy a branded expensive item. The Yellow Pig loves simple but pleasant things, and the brand name does not play a big role.
  • If you don’t have enough time to choose a gift, a standard New Year’s set will do: a bottle of champagne and sweets. The pig will be happy, because she appreciates simple and necessary little things.
  • Decide in advance how much you want to spend on surprises for the New Year. You should not give too expensive things, so as not to put the recipient in an awkward position. A pig is an unpretentious animal, and it may not appreciate expensive things.
  • The pig prefers comfort, family values ​​and homeliness. She spends her money wisely. Despite the fact that he loves financial well-being, he does not waste money and does not spontaneously acquire expensive things. Therefore, it is better to choose useful and necessary gifts, not too expensive, but pleasant.
  • Gifts for the New Year 2021 can be original or simple and useful. The pig will appreciate your efforts if you choose the gift responsibly.

The chosen gift must be beautifully packaged

Gifts to attract good luck from the Yellow Pig

Yellow Pig is a great connoisseur of comfort, knows how and loves to spend money, but has an emergency reserve. The Earth Pig maintains home comfort, takes care of the family, takes care of itself and is always aware of fashion trends. A harmonious couple takes care of 2021.

You will have to try hard when choosing gifts. From the Pig’s point of view, routine trinkets are useless rubbish, and re-gifts are a sign of stinginess. New Year's surprises should bring aesthetic pleasure and practical benefits.

Don’t put everything off until the last minute, otherwise you’ll rush to grab anything, lose patronage, good luck, and even let your loved ones down. Study the ideas carefully and apply them to your specific situation.

What to give a man for the New Year?

Think in advance what you will give your man for the New Year. You must please not only the recipient, but also the Yellow Pig, who, as you know, does not like useless things.

Pay attention to romantic gifts for men, Pig will definitely approve of them:

  • Cup with joint photo and inscription;
  • Board game for spending time together;
  • Warm blanket for two;
  • Knitted sweater or scarf;
  • Paired T-shirts with the image of a pig and a wild boar.

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Husbands, as a rule, are given gifts related to hobbies, work, and interests. What can you give to your beloved husband:

  • The fisherman will be delighted with a new spinning rod or set of hooks;
  • The hunter will be happy to receive a branded flask, compass and other necessary accessories for hunting;
  • A husband who spends a lot of time driving will appreciate a new radio, DVR, massage cover on the seat, and a set of car cosmetics;
  • If your spouse likes to do all the housework with their own hands, a good set of tools will definitely come in handy. And the Yellow Pig will be delighted with such a present, because now your home will become even more comfortable.

On a note! The Pig honors family values, so try to surprise and please your spouse with a New Year's surprise. Seeing with what admiration the head of the family views the gift, the Pig will protect your family and patronize all its members.

How to surprise and delight your friends

What to give to friends for the year of the Pig or Boar depends on their number. Try not to offend anyone. You don’t have a lot of best friends and your budget allows, choose like an adult – high-quality alcohol, your favorite perfume, household appliances.

The circle of contacts is extensive, the money is so-so. And in this case, there will be a lot of ideas that the Yellow Pig will approve. Will help attract good luck:

  • leather wallet or bracelet;
  • intellectual board game;
  • hookah, Turkish coffee pot;
  • tea ceremony set;
  • warm mittens, scarf, socks;
  • tasty treats (cream honey or a jar of unusual jam: from tomato, watermelon, gooseberry, feihua).

Just think about what will stir up a feeling of peace, quiet joy, delight in your friend’s soul and act with the determination of a Pig.

Gift for a woman

Even if you have been married for many years, the New Year is a good reason to give your beloved wife a nice gift. Husbands, as a rule, give practical things: a set of dishes, household appliances, clothes, cosmetics. This year, the Yellow Pig will approve such gifts, but you need to impress not only the symbol of 2021, but also your beloved wife.

Options for New Year's gifts:

  1. Creative gifts. The wife is probably expecting to receive another frying pan or blender for the New Year. Surprise your loved one with an unexpected surprise: give two tickets to a theater premiere, buy a subscription to an indoor skating rink, or give a hot water bottle toy in the shape of a cute pig.
  2. Gifts for hobby. You, of course, know what your spouse enjoys in her free time, so you can choose the right gift: an embroidery kit, scrapbooking materials, brushes and paints, an easel and more.
  3. Expensive gifts. Despite the fact that the Yellow Pig does not like too expensive things, an exception can be made for his beloved wife in the New Year. Choose what will delight your spouse: clothes, jewelry, newfangled gadgets, car accessories, a trip for two.

Before the New Year, many people want to surprise their friends. What can you give to a close friend:

  • A soft toy in the shape of a pig;
  • Collection set of tea/coffee;
  • Jewelry box;
  • A sofa cushion with a picture of a piglet;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Wallet.

On a note! The Yellow Pig values ​​friendship, so try to choose a suitable and pleasant gift to emphasize how much you value your beloved friend.

What gift can a girl choose for the New Year 2021:

  • Coffee cup and saucer;
  • Jewelry holder;
  • Set of decorative scented candles;
  • Anti-stress toy;
  • Set of handmade sweets.

DIY New Year's crafts from "piggy" yarn

Let's move on. And ahead of us is such material as yarn. What can be created from it? Of course, knitting the animals. And this is absolutely true. You can see ideas for knitted amigurumi toys here. Now let's look at other options.

And here is the first simple technology for making souvenirs or decorations. You need to make a blank of the desired shape and carefully wrap it with a thick thread pre-moistened with glue. Then wait until it dries completely and carefully remove the product from the mold.

Here's a look at what you can get in the end.

Next is a popular method of making crafts from pompoms.

"Pink Fluffy"

You will need: wool or acrylic threads; pink chenille wire; felt; buttons; cardboard; scissors.

Manufacturing process:

1. Cut two rings of the same size from cardboard (outer diameter 7 cm, inner diameter 5 cm) and fold them together. Cut the yarn into 1-1.5 m long, 5-6 threads. Wrap the rings with yarn.

2. When the ring is completely closed, pull the thread through the middle using a stick. Then cut the yarn along the outer edge. Spread the rings a little and wrap the thread around the middle, tie the thread.

3. Carefully remove the rings and shake the pompom. Cut out the legs and tail from chenille wire and glue them to the pom-pom body.

4. Take a pink button, and if there is none, then take a transparent one and paint it with nail polish in the desired color. Cut out ears from felt and tie a bow from ribbon.

5. Glue all the parts along with the eyes to the animal. Your miracle is ready.

This way you can make such a fluffy pig.

And I suggest you knit a pencil holder .

You will need: light pink, dark pink and black yarn; hook; needle; a little padding polyester; cup.

Manufacturing process:

I think that such souvenirs, created with your own hands, will not only decorate your home, but will also not leave anyone disappointed.

Gift for a child

For children, the New Year is a time of magic and the fulfillment of cherished desires. Listen to the wishes of your daughters and sons, and you will know what New Year's surprise will delight them.

Popular toys that children like:

  • Dolls from the Winx, Mattel, Monster High, etc. series.
  • Remote controlled cars, helicopters, quadcopters;
  • Lego constructor;
  • Scooters, children's bicycles;
  • Dollhouses, parking lots, children's kitchens;
  • Children's kits for doctors, hairdressers, veterinarians and fashionistas.

What can you give a teenager:

  • New gadget: phone, tablet, headphones;
  • Fashion clothes;
  • Cool New Year's gifts: slippers with pig faces, a running alarm clock, pajamas with a funny pattern.

It is more difficult for schoolchildren to choose gifts for the New Year 2021, because they no longer play with toys, but still believe in New Year's miracles. A suitable gift option in the Year of the Yellow Pig would be a piggy bank. If a schoolchild is saving money to buy a large item (a computer, a game console, a musical instrument), give him a cute piggy bank. You can buy a piggy bank in the shape of a box, from which a snout peeks out to pick up a coin.

On a note! Don’t forget to put a few coins inside the piggy bank before giving a New Year’s gift to your child. This sign will help you quickly collect the required amount of money, and will also bring prosperity and improve the financial well-being of the family.

You can please your child with the desired toy on New Year’s Day

For parents

You can select and think through New Year's souvenirs for a gift in 2019 in advance

for age category. Any grandmother, mother or any older relative will be very pleased with the gift:

For parents in the village, an addition to the household is the pig of the year, a symbol of material well-being and prosperity

This might be interesting!
In the article at the following link, read how to thank a person for a gift and how to do it correctly

What to give your parents for the New Year?

For parents, choose practical and necessary things for the New Year 2021. Gift options:

  • 5D diamond embroidery painting of two little pigs;
  • Home textiles: bed linen, decorative pillows, bedspreads, set of towels with piglets;
  • Household appliances that parents have long dreamed of: a new vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, multicooker, bread maker, etc.
  • Personalized bathrobes;
  • Cutting boards in the shape of pig faces;
  • Large box of handmade chocolates;
  • Basket with delicacies.

On a note! Choose gifts for the New Year 2021 that will feature the symbol of the year. You will please not only your parents, but also the Yellow Pig, who values ​​family values.

Surprise for the other half

A New Year's surprise for a life partner, present or future, should be with a twist, a dose of humor, practical and pleasant. A few helpful tips will surely make you smile. Try presenting:

  • for the husband - himself in an “adult” costume of a mischievous pig or in pink lace lingerie;
  • for the wife - a piggy bank with a certain amount of money that she can spend at her discretion;
  • the guy gets bed linen with a boar, but let him think for himself what that means:
  • for a girl - fluffy pajamas or a home suit, stylized as the symbol of the year.

To avoid awkward moments, misunderstandings, and unexpected offenses, think over the accompanying text and make adjustments. For example, it is better to present a large girl with a silk robe or peignoir.

What to give to educators and teachers?

For the New Year, parents often give gifts to their children's educators and teachers. Choosing the right thing for a person you don’t know very well is always difficult. When choosing gifts for the New Year 2019 for educators and teachers, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Think about whether a present would be appropriate and avoid expensive items.
  • A cheap trinket is also not a very good gift. Do not buy primitive, low-quality souvenirs in the form of pigs. The practical housewife of the coming year will not like such a gift.
  • Agree in advance with the rest of the parents of the group or class whether you will give a collective gift, or whether everyone will give a small surprise on their own behalf. If you decide to give a kindergarten teacher or teacher an individual gift, try to purchase a symbolic, inexpensive item that will be useful to the teacher: a diary, a set of stationery, an interior decor item, etc.

Craft “Pig” from natural materials of pine cones

You can also not complicate your work and choose easier options for creating homemade souvenirs to decorate your home. Fir cones are perfect for this purpose. You can make anything from them, and most importantly, quickly and without unnecessary materials and problems.

Even the little ones can do this creativity, so feel free to take the next idea and practice it with your baby.

I suggest making a cute little toy for the Christmas tree. And if you prepare several pieces at once, you can assemble a whole garland from the products.

Pig made from pine cones and plasticine

You will need: cones; white acrylic paint; brush; pink plasticine; pink gouache; toy eyes.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take three cones and paint them with white acrylic paint. Wait until completely dry.

2. After drying, paint the blanks pink. Again, wait for the buds to dry.

3. Now make a patch out of plasticine and stick it on. Make nostrils using a toothpick.

4. Stick toy eyes on a small piece of plasticine or make them from white and black plasticine.

5. Then make pink ears.

6. Form a ponytail with a crochet hook.

7. Now roll the balls for the legs.

8. And later stick them to the lower base of the pine cone. For a Christmas tree decoration, secure an additional loop.

As you can see, the technology is not complicated, anyone can do it.

Actually, you can’t think of anything else here. Look at other design options, and the method is identical to that described above.

Gifts for work colleagues

You can give your colleagues memorable gifts on New Year’s Day.

If it’s customary for your organization to give New Year’s gifts to employees, please your colleagues with inexpensive corporate gifts:

  • Tea/coffee gift box;
  • Tea cup with a picture of a pig;
  • Computer mouse pad with pigs;
  • Personal diary;
  • Flash drive in the shape of a pig;
  • Mobile phone stand in the shape of a pig.

Pay attention to these symbolic gifts for the New Year 2021:

  • Pig Keychain;
  • Sweater for cup;
  • Set of Christmas balls;
  • Tabletop mini punching bag;
  • Picnic basket;
  • Cool figurine or certificate;
  • Frame;
  • Magnetic board for notes;
  • Lunch box with a picture of a pig;
  • Desktop business card holder.

An ideal New Year's gift for the mother-in-law

Many jokes and ditties humorously describe the difficult relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law. Such stories do not always coincide with real life and many mothers-in-law become a second caring mother. To maintain a warm relationship with your mother-in-law or, on the contrary, to improve it, you must congratulate her on the holiday and give her a gift.

If the mother-in-law lives in another city and meetings with her do not happen so often, then you can choose a memorable gift, for example, give a stylish floor vase, a porcelain figurine, a painting by a famous master or her personal portrait.

If the mother-in-law loves only practical things, then you can present her with beautiful dishes, beautiful bed linen or household appliances.

An unexpected gift for a mother-in-law could be a ticket to a theater or other interesting event. As well as a fascinating master class from renowned craftswomen or chefs.

Every mother-in-law needs care and attention, so a gift that will only benefit her would be a good choice for her. This could be a woolen blanket, a warm jumper, heated slippers, a massager, a trip to the spa or a trip to a sanatorium.

Advice! A nice gift for a mother-in-law could be a basket with any of her sweets, delicacies, tea or coffee.

And to ensure that your mother-in-law really likes the gift, when choosing a New Year’s gift you should take into account her hobbies. Many mothers-in-law prefer to spend a lot of time at the dacha, so she will like any gardening accessory. If your mother-in-law is a needlewoman, then you can give her any material for her creativity. A book that reveals all the secrets of great masters can be a good gift.

Gift for boss or business partners

We spend most of our time at work. The work team becomes a second family, where New Year holidays, surprises and miracles are also expected. Pre-selected gifts for your manager, colleagues and business partners will help establish good relationships so that future joint activities bring joy and satisfaction.

Choose a New Year's gift for your boss in advance, having thought about what item he might like. Eliminate cheap, low-quality items from your list of possible gifts. But you shouldn’t give too expensive a present, so as not to embarrass your manager.

If you are giving a gift to your female boss, pay attention to the following gifts:

  • Interior decoration: floor vase, painting, panel, handmade doll, figurine. The symbol of 2021 loves beautiful indoor decor.
  • New backlit keyboard and mouse with additional options.
  • Portrait made in pencil from a photograph.
  • A set of pens in a gift box with engraving.
  • Gift certificate to a boutique or spa.

On a note! Pay attention to personalized gifts for the new year 2019: glasses, cups, notebooks, diaries, bottles of alcoholic beverages. The boss will be pleased that the present was made just for him.

A holiday gift for a male boss could be like this:

  • Lighter with engraving;
  • Purse;
  • Bottle of gift alcohol;
  • Set of whiskey glasses;
  • Tabletop weather station;
  • Souvenir table globe.

Gifts for the New Year 2021 for a business business partner:

  • A diary with your company logo;
  • Basket with delicacies;
  • Piggy bank made of elite chocolate;
  • Handmade chocolate in a gift box.

Exclusive gifts for the New Year 2021:

  • In the year of the Yellow (Wooden) Pig, an exclusive gift will be a notebook in a wooden cover for wishes;
  • If you want to surprise the Yellow (Wooden) Pig, choose a handmade wooden box as a gift, in which you place chocolate acorns in gold foil;
  • A wooden key holder in the shape of a house with a company logo printed on it will be a good New Year's gift for business partners.

How to make the symbol of the year 2019 from salt dough

Now let's move on to handicrafts made from salt dough. We will sculpt, bake and paint). Thanks to this technology, you can make souvenirs, amulets, magnets and bright gifts.

If you are ready, then let's get to work.

"Funny pigs"

You will need: salted dough; paints; brush; foam sponge; stack; thin rope; toothpick; black helium pen; PVA glue.

Work process:

1. Roll two balls for the patch - one larger, the other smaller. Use a toothpick to pierce your nostrils.

2. Blind the face and eyes. Glue the parts of the snout and the eye to the face by wetting it with water.

3. Then mold the ears and glue them on. Draw stripes in a stack from the upper corner of the ears to the head.

4. Next, form a heart and glue it to the lower side of the face.

5. Make a small indentation along the edge of the entire circle.

6. And at the bottom and at the top, use a toothpick to pierce two holes for the rope.

7. Roll up the handles and glue them so that they hold the heart.

8. Now mold the hooves. Make holes in them for the rope too.

9. Dry the product and hooves.

10. Then paint the blanks with black paint. Using a sponge under running water, wash off the paint from the convex parts and wait until it dries completely.

11. Prime the figure with a sponge and white paint.

12. Color the piglets as you wish.

13. Then use a black helium pen to draw small details.

14. At the very end, coat the product with varnish and dry.

15. Glue wool threads as hair. Secure the ropes and hooves.

Now the work is more difficult. Let's make a real amulet.

Charm "Pig on a horseshoe"

You will need: glass wrapped in foil (you can use a file); rolling pin; stacks; wide brush (moisten the drying dough with water); water in a mug or glass; a printout of the drawing from which we will sculpt; dough.

Manufacturing process:

Thanks to the author Natya Lis for such a detailed master class.

Now that you have familiarized yourself in detail with the technology of modeling salt dough, I can offer ready-made options.

What is not recommended to give?

The most common mistakes when choosing gifts:

  1. Don't buy cheap trinkets and souvenirs that the recipient will immediately put away and never use.
  2. Do not give drinks or food without knowing the gastronomic preferences of the person for whom the surprise is intended.
  3. Refuse gift cosmetics, which are presented in large quantities on the New Year's shelves of every store.

In order not to anger the hostess of the coming year, refuse to purchase the following gifts:

  1. Figurines in the form of pigs. The Yellow Pig considers such gifts unnecessary and useless;
  2. Jewelry worn on the wrist or neck: bracelets, chains, watches. The pig does not like various chains and tries in every possible way to free himself from them. It is also better not to buy rings as a gift.
  3. Shampoos, shower gel, soap. Everyone knows that pigs love to roll around in the dirt, so the Pig may regard hygiene products as a hint of uncleanliness.
  4. Perfume. Even if you know what perfume the gift recipient likes, refuse to buy it in the Year of the Yellow Pig. Piglets prefer natural scents, so perfumes and eau de toilette are unlikely to please them.
  5. Pigs love to eat delicious food, so they will appreciate any gastronomic gifts. The exception is meat products: balyk, sausages, ham, smoked meats. Please note that there should be no pork dishes on the holiday table.

Don't forget to present your chosen gift beautifully. Be sure to pack a gift and add a New Year's card with words of sincere congratulations and wishes. The coming year of the Yellow Pig promises to be fun and prosperous. Start 2021 with your loved ones, please them with gifts and surprises, tell them how much you appreciate and cherish them. Remember that by giving, we receive much more. Happy New Year 2021!

Making the symbol of the year Pig from paper

We will start with the simplest thing, namely making paper crafts. Don’t think that only easy options are possible here; you can try and get a real masterpiece.

However, the first option is appliqué. Great for crafting with kids. You get beautiful postcards or paintings for the walls.

Application “Funny piglets”

You will need: colored paper; cardboard; glue; scissors; eyes for toys; markers.

Manufacturing process:

1. First of all, you need to make a background. To do this, cut out a rectangle from blue paper and glue it to the top of a piece of cardboard (or landscape paper). Next, cut out a rectangle from yellow paper, and then cut one edge so that you get a wave. Glue the blank so that the waves overlap the blue color. Trim off any excess white paper or cardboard. Your background is ready.

2. Take pink paper and draw piggy details on the back side. Take a rectangular piece of paper and fold it in half, draw an oval. On another sheet of paper, draw a circle. Cut out the shapes along the contour, you should have 2 heads and 2 torsos. For the legs, cut out 8 identical rectangular shapes. Make the ears triangular or semicircular. But from darker paper, burgundy or orange, cut out 2 small circles, these will be the spots.

3. Now place all the parts on the finished background and carefully glue them. Let one pig stand on its hind legs.

4. Next, glue on the eyes. If you don't have toy eyes, just draw them with a thin felt-tip pen.

5. Then draw bangs, eyebrows, smiles, hooves, and ponytails. Well, decorate the background by drawing grass.

6. This is the beauty you should get in the end.

Here's another template for a New Year's card.

Now I propose to make an interesting product using paper balls.

Christmas tree toy “Pig”

You will need: pink double-sided paper, scissors, glue and a black marker.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take pink paper and cut it into strips of equal width. You need 8 of these strips.

2. Next, fold them crosswise and secure them with glue in the center. And then connect the ends of the strips to form a three-dimensional ball.

3. Now you need to make another ball using the same technology, but smaller in size. Therefore, cut 8 strips, but shorter than the previous ones.

4. Connect the two resulting balls with glue.

5. Then cut out a round patch and draw nostrils with a black felt-tip pen. Glue to the top pink ball. Then glue the finished eyes or draw them.

6. Cut out 4 pink stripes and make paws. Also cut out a large circle and cut a strip in a spiral, this will be the tail.

7. Cut out and glue the ears.

8. If you are going to make a Christmas tree decoration, then glue a loop, but if you are just a decoration for the house, then glue thick cardboard to the base so that the craft stands steadily on any surface.

Now I propose to use the origami technique. You can fold animals in this way from thick napkins. Then they will perfectly decorate the festive table.

Piggy using origami technique

Manufacturing process:

Next, let's practice folding the paper. Does everyone know the quilling technique? If not, then it's time to meet her.

"Curly Pig"

You will need: pink stripes; 2 small black beads; tube for winding; glue.

Manufacturing process:

1. Buy quilling paper. It would be desirable if the set included shades like these.

2. Start inserting the wrapping strips one by one into the tube with a split tip. Your head should be dense and large, so it is better to use several strips at once. Therefore, first glue the paper along its length, and then use the device.

3. You need to roll a large wheel and glue the end together. Wind up 2 small wheels, as well as oblong ovals for the ears.

4. Connect the pieces together, while trying to use as little glue as possible.

5. Using toothpicks, insert beads into the crevices between the strips. These will be the eyes.

6. For the body, roll out a pink roll. Using the ear rolling technique, make the upper and lower hooves.

7. Glue all the parts together. Your product is ready.

And of course a couple more finished paper products.

Knitted pigs

We don’t ignore knitting lovers. There are also excellent master classes and ready-made toys for you.

Charming from Svetlana Komarova (master class):

Zaikina Ksenia knitted this couple according to the above MK - take note of the clothing ideas!

Pink pig (master class)

You can buy a master class on knitting Piggy with knitting needles from Mama Clara:

Buy a master class on knitting a Valerian pig from Elena Klyavina:

Pig made from pompoms from the Young Mother's School :

Master class on knitting a pig from 3 parts from the I Love to KNIT :

If you know English and want to knit a pig with wings, download the pdf instructions:

How to give New Year's gifts

If you are invited to a New Year's Eve party, prepare in advance. Choose the right suit according to the theme of the party and the chosen image. Bring gifts for all family members and participants in the celebration, and be sure to have something tasty for the New Year’s table. It could be a home-baked pie or a salad that resembles a pig.

Remember that everyone, without exception, believes in miracles on New Year's Eve, but children especially expect them. If you go to a house where there are children, prepare a surprise for each child and a small chocolate prize. Give gifts immediately upon arrival, but you can wait with toasts and wishes until the feast and the chimes.

Horoscope for 2022 Water Tiger

What does the eastern horoscope forecast for 2022 promise us? The tiger is an energetic animal, it achieves its goals. The properties of the patron of the year will, to one degree or another, affect all signs of the eastern horoscope.

Who's lucky in the year of the Tiger?

Fortune's favorites will be those who are purposeful and persistent. It is these qualities that will help the Tiger achieve recognition in 2022. Here is a more detailed forecast for the signs of the eastern horoscope:


2022 will be full of trips and travel. A job change or moving to another office is likely. In the romantic sphere, the year promises many interesting acquaintances for Rats. Fate will give you favorable opportunities in all areas, but you will need to not only take them on time, but also work to achieve results. Of course, everything is unlikely to work out, but if you put in enough effort, the result will be excellent.


You may find yourself doubting your skills frequently throughout the year. The Ox acts thoroughly, and the energies of the year patronize those who are decisive and energetic. However, you will be able to solve several problems that have been put off for a long time. The area of ​​work and career will be successful, a long-awaited promotion is possible. Broaden your horizons, gain experience. In your personal life, everything will be quite smooth. But if you want it yourself, you will find new experiences.


Your year is coming, so you can count on successful coincidences. In 2022, Tigers will strive to achieve their goals and transform the surrounding reality. Probably the beginning of a new romance, turning into a vibrant romantic relationship. In the first half of the year, pay attention to developing your business. Then, starting in July, you will be able to reap the benefits of your efforts. The year supports all your endeavors, so go ahead and try new things!


The year promises to be quite successful, because the Rabbit and Tiger have a common element - wood. However, Rabbits should be more careful about their plans, because not all of them may come true. You will have to work hard at work, but there is also a positive side - career advancement is possible. This is a good year to realize your potential in all areas.

The Dragon

He is as bright and energetic as the patron of the year, Tiger. General characteristics will help the Dragon to spend this year at its best. The main thing is to think through your actions in advance and not make hasty decisions. Focus on what you want to achieve. New acquaintances await you in 2022. New prospects will open up in business. You have long wanted changes in your life, and this year will help you make them happen.


The year brings many new opportunities in your personal life. You will have many fans and offers of romantic meetings. Work will fade into the background. It is worth noting that the Snake does not get along very well with the Tiger. But that doesn't mean 2022 will be a bad year for her. You just need to adapt in time to the incoming energies and what is called “wait it out.”


2022 will be an energetic and active year for you. Single representatives of the sign will have a good opportunity to find a soul mate and receive an offer to marry. There may be some risks in the work, but the Horse's diplomacy will help turn the situation in his favor.


Expanding your comfort zone is one of the Goat’s main priorities in the coming 2022. If you want changes in your life, then you need to have the courage and take action! Step beyond the ordinary, try new things. If problems suddenly arise, you will be able to solve them. In 2022, you will be able to start a new page in your life - but only if you want it.


In the first half of the year, obstacles in achieving what you want are possible. Fussiness and minor conflicts will take up energy and time. Among the positive trends, we can note the opportunity to change jobs to a more interesting and well-paid one. In the second half of the year, an increase in income is possible. Opportunities will arise to open your own business.


The events of the year will leave a double impression. Disputes and clarification of relations with superiors, colleagues, and relatives are likely. Try to be more diplomatic and find a compromise. 2022 will bring favorable trends in career and education. It is important not to dream about a wonderful future, but to take clear actions to achieve it. A stormy period and new loves are expected in your personal life.


A very successful year awaits you. Lonely representatives of the sign will meet their love and start a family. It is possible to change your place of residence or move from your own home. In the career field, the road to increasing your level of well-being and acquiring new knowledge will open. The main advice is to be active, promote your ideas, and your work will not go unnoticed.


2022 will be an eventful year. This is a time to take a fresh look at your life and reconsider your priorities. Take time for self-development, learn to control your emotions - this will bring you positive changes. The love sphere is activated at the beginning of summer. In your career, you will be able to achieve success thanks to your work, as well as the patronage of more experienced colleagues.

Choosing an outfit for New Year's Eve 2022

The Water Tiger combines the energies of water and wood. He also loves the earth. Therefore, in order to attract his favor, it is better to choose an outfit for the holiday in the following colors:

  • blue
  • blue
  • brown
  • ocher
  • green
  • olive
  • yellow
  • golden

Shimmering rhinestones, sequins and beads will not be superfluous - they remind you of the shine of the water surface under the rays of the Sun.

Complete your outfit with eye-catching accessories, such as a trendy chunky gold chain.

We advise you to avoid clothes with animal colors and tiger print on the fabric, so as not to constitute “competition” for the patron of the year, he is unlikely to like it.

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