How to spend New Year 2021 in an interesting way: the best ideas

The New Year is already very close, it's time to think about where and with whom to celebrate it. The main winter holiday, familiar to everyone since childhood, is an excellent reason to take a break from everyday routine and spend time with loved ones. A family dinner, a romantic trip or an unusual adventure - you can celebrate the New Year in different ways, the main thing is that it is truly enjoyable!

We have collected several original ideas on how to celebrate New Year 2021 in an unusual way; perhaps you will find among them one that is close to you.

How unusual to celebrate New Year 2021 at home

Celebrating the New Year with a home feast is the most traditional decision. However, it can be made not boring at all if you use a little imagination. Let's look at a few ideas.

Theme party

Who said that Olivier and champagne must be on the New Year's table? What if it's sushi and sake? Replace the traditional party with a themed one! This could be the cuisine and culture of a certain country, your favorite movie or book, or anything else that you and your guests like. There should be themed dishes on the table, and guests should be warned to get creative with their costumes. Entertainment also needs to be matched to the theme: room for imagination and bright photos from the holiday are guaranteed.

Unusual costumes immediately set a different mood for the holiday

Board games

If you think board games are for kids, it means... you just haven't tried playing them with your friends (or even family!). Even skeptics are quickly drawn into the general fun, and time flies. Select the game according to the composition of the participants:

  • traditional (lotto, card games) - for a group of relatives of different ages;
  • gambling (poker, roulette) - for friends who are not afraid to take risks;
  • funny (“Crocodile”, “Alias”, “Mafia”, etc.) - for almost any company.

Fun photo shoot

These days, at any party, half the time is spent on creating eye-catching photos for social media. So why not get creative with this issue? Collect unusual accessories (for example, wigs, signs with “replicas”, colored glasses, etc.), hang a poster on the wall with an unusual background, stock up on a camera or at least phones and arrange a photo shoot for you and your friends.

Don’t put off your photo shoot until the last minute: at the beginning of the holiday it will definitely turn out better than in the morning

pajama party

Another format that both adults and children will appreciate. Instead of a decorous feast there are scattered pillows, instead of uncomfortable suits and dresses - cozy pajamas, instead of heavy food - light snacks and drinks.

New Year's compositions for table decoration

If you take care of decorating the table with festive compositions in advance, then the whole family can make unique decorative items themselves. All elements must be combined in style and highlight the beauty of the design. But if you don’t have enough time before the holiday, ready-made decorations can invariably be found and purchased in flower shops or gift shops.

How to celebrate the New Year outside the home in an original way

If you are tired of celebrating at home, and the most obvious alternative - restaurants and clubs - are scared away by holiday prices, then you can try to find more original places to celebrate the New Year in your city.

In the absence of other fresh ideas, you can always go for a walk on New Year's Eve!

New Year in the bathhouse

“Every year on December 31, my friends and I…” - everyone has seen the legendary film about visiting a bathhouse on New Year’s Eve, but in fact, few have tried to bring it to life. You can rent a sauna for a group of friends and combine a festive feast with a steam room and a swimming pool.

New Year on the roof

Another original idea is to climb onto the roof of a tall building with friends, snacks and drinks. You can grab a small Christmas tree to create a festive mood, and, of course, admire the festive fireworks from the most advantageous point.

Enjoy the views and fireworks, but don't forget about safety rules!

Active New Year

Why is it necessary to sit at the table at 12 at night? Instead, you can go ice skating, skiing, or going on a winter hike. If you prefer an active lifestyle, perhaps this is the New Year you will remember for a long time!

New Year's skating rink is the best way to combine business with romance

New Year with good deeds

If the idea of ​​charity is not alien to you, then you can spend New Year's Eve helping those who need it. For example, you can take part in a New Year's performance in a hospital or orphanage or give out gifts. Helping others is a great start to the new year.

Selecting a table and arranging chairs

The table that you plan to set should be wide enough and as comfortable as possible so as not to restrict the movements of those sitting at the table. When arranging cutlery, take into account the fact that approximately fifty to sixty centimeters of table length are allotted for each person. And the chairs around the table should be placed neatly opposite each other.

How to celebrate the New Year while traveling

New Year's holidays are a great period for travel. By the way, you can also watch the chimes right on the plane: many airlines offer big discounts to those who agree to fly directly on New Year's Eve.

New Year under the palm trees

Some people do not accept the idea of ​​a New Year without snow, while others fly to Thailand or India every year for the holidays. In any case, at least once in your life you should try to escape from the cold into the heat and replace the Christmas tree with a palm tree.

New Year's Eve in a hotel made of snow and ice

The opposite alternative is to celebrate the New Year in a hotel made entirely of snow and ice. For several years now, similar hotels have continued to open in Sweden, Finland, Canada and other northern countries. They are built entirely of snow and ice, the temperature inside is maintained below zero, and people are supposed to sleep in special Arctic sleeping bags. Without a doubt, such an adventure for the New Year will definitely be remembered!

It’s hard to imagine a more original hotel for New Year’s Eve

New Year in a new city

You've probably already tried walking around your city on New Year's Eve, why not try it in a new place? You can choose another city in Russia or one of the European capitals, for example, Budapest or Prague. Go for a walk around the city center, congratulate strangers and recharge yourself with that unique atmosphere that always arises in places of mass celebrations.

New Year on the train

Finally, you can celebrate the New Year not at the final point of the route, but directly during the journey. If you find yourself on a train during the chiming clock, you will be amazed at how quickly all your fellow travelers get to know each other and start celebrating together. Many people say that this is the New Year that turns out to be the most memorable!

New Year's Eve on the road can be very special

Festive table setting

Festive dishes

A couple of days before the New Year 2021, the question arises of how to decorate the festive table and in what interesting style. The choice of dishes and decorative elements for serving depends on this. Since the New Year's dinner lasts longer than usual, it used to be customary to use white dishes and silver. Today, the idea of ​​serving has changed, but the rule remains the same: dishes and cutlery should be decorated in the same style and harmonize in color.

New Year's tablecloth

After you decide on the dishes, move on to choosing a tablecloth. For a festive table setting for the New Year 2021, it is best to use tablecloths in pastel shades. Since the coming year is the year of the Dog according to the eastern calendar, it does not like flashiness and colorful tones. You can purchase a tablecloth with a New Year's print. The tablecloth should hang equally evenly on all sides. According to the serving rules, the edges of the tablecloth fall twenty to thirty centimeters from the table, not reaching the seat of the chair. Remember: oilcloth is not used to decorate a holiday table, even if it is stunningly beautiful - this is a thing for family use!


Fabric napkins should match the tablecloth. They fold beautifully and place on top of the plates. Paper napkins can be matched to the same color scheme as the tablecloth. If you want to please the owner of the upcoming 2021 - the Earth Dog, then opt for paper napkins with images of cute dogs of various breeds. Paper napkins are placed in stands specially designed for this purpose, which are placed in two to three places on the table. Paper and fabric napkins look great next to each other because they serve different functions. A cloth napkin is used to protect clothing, it is placed on the knees, and a paper napkin is used to wipe the mouth.

Table decoration

Then, when the situation with the choice of dishes and tablecloth is resolved, the next task arises - decorating the table. One of the indispensable New Year's table decor are the beautiful fabric napkins, which were mentioned above. After all, only they can create a sophisticated, joyful dinner atmosphere. In addition to napkins, candles, spruce toys, figurines of Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden, as well as New Year's compositions from spruce branches or herbarium are used for decoration. In addition to everything, you can decorate the table with postcards or souvenirs.

The first and most important trend is, of course, EXPO 2017 “Future Energy”.

On Finland Day, a real Santa came to EXPO - in 30-degree heat,
you can tie in the holiday here in any way you like. This topic is applicable absolutely everywhere and in any establishment. There are many variations on how to provide the energy of the future to guests and spectators, employees and just your family. Santa Claus with a staff in the form of a windmill - the EXPO logo, Snow Maiden in the form of the exhibition mascots - Saule and Moldir. As gifts - souvenirs from different countries participating in the exhibition. Also, you can make a celebration in the “Friendship of Peoples” format - music and dances of the countries participating in the exhibition. Energy of water, Energy of the Earth, Energy of the Sun, wind, fire and other natural forces - you can choose the right design, numbers, artists and, most importantly, CHICKS for everything. The international exhibition simply gives a huge scope for imagination - and we already know how beautifully it can be realized.


Hoverboards, vapes, spinners are the main trends of our time. Today you can order a dance of snowmen on hoverboards, play games with a spinner, and use them as gifts and decorations. Create a “Merry Spinner” party that combines all the technology with meaning, with Santa Claus riding out on a hoverboard and filming the action with his GO Pro camera. A live broadcast from the camera will go to LED screens and all the emotions of the guests will be conveyed in the first person. It is best to combine all the current trends of the season in a technological concept, including luminous sneakers, as well as new HiTech productions from artists and dance groups.

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