Touching wedding congratulations in prose (in your own words)

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Congratulations on your wedding day to our amazing couple on such a wonderful, bright and positive event! I wish your family life to be a source of joy and inspiration! Today is an important day, because a new period of your life begins, which I wish you to live with positivity, in peace, joy, love and complete understanding. Always stick to each other, because together dreams are achieved much easier!

When you enter into a marriage, remember that your family is one. Forget the word “I”, since you will solve all issues and matters together. In difficult times, find the strength to lend a shoulder, don’t fight over stupid things, don’t forget to give each other gifts and say gentle and warm words, be good and caring children and parents. Take care of yourself, give back.

The rings know neither beginning nor end. Family life is not only joy and happiness. These are joint efforts, experiences and anxieties. I wish you to learn to forgive each other’s insults, enjoy the little things and always be together. Let neither quarrels, nor disagreements, nor resentments be able to distance you from each other. Let the word “love” resound throughout your life. And loyalty and respect will allow you to become the happiest couple on earth.

There is no more important event in the life of two people than the day of the reunion of their loving hearts. So today let the magical thread that connects them become even stronger, and the flame of love even warmer and more tender at the same time. Preserve and cherish the feeling of this holiday throughout the long road along which you will walk hand in hand, caring and supporting each other.

Family is a fragile musical instrument. Disharmony in the family is not a rare thing, so in order to achieve harmony, you have to turn around in every possible way, otherwise you will not achieve harmony. We wish you that in music based on the harmony of loving hearts, notes of disappointment and falsehood will never sound. Let the wild, crazy cacophony of scandals and strife never break into this music. Let your hearts always beat in unison!

I wish that your young family will always be incredibly happy, that you will always live in goodness and prosperity! Let harmony, romance and mutual understanding reign in your relationships, and let cheerful children's laughter always sound in your home! Love each other and fill every moment with joy!

With all my heart I want to congratulate you on the most unique and wonderful day of your life - your wedding day. Today is the day when you unite your two destinies into one. I wish you to carry sincere feelings and respect for each other throughout your life. I sincerely want to wish that your family always remains warm, trust and support. So that on your golden wedding day you look at each other with the same tenderness.

Our dears, today’s solemn event united you into one family. I would like to wish you that you always remember this, that the joy of one will always be the joy of another, that you listen to each other and feel each other with your very heart - this helps to live so much! And always remember that a woman’s strength is in her wisdom, and a man’s strength is in reliability and understanding. Take care of each other, live in harmony, bring each other mutual happiness and may your life together be kind, bright, positive and very joyful!

Dear newlyweds! We sincerely congratulate you on your legal marriage and the formation of a new family. Advice and love to you! The most beautiful thing in life is love. May you have a long and happy life! May there be plenty of everything in your family life. We are happy for you. Good luck with your sailing on the waves of the sea of ​​life in love, respect and mutual fidelity!

You have managed to become not just two halves of a whole, you are that very whole, which is indestructible and indivisible. You are a wonderful couple and it is a great honor for me to be present at such a touching, romantic and emotional celebration of your love. Today you are creating your family, and I want to wish you harmony, understanding, mutual support and undying love. Become each other's support, protection and happiness. May you have one soul for two.

Bride and groom! Today, the bonds of marriage have firmly united you, making you the closest people to each other. May the thread connecting you be strong and never break. May your home be filled with sunshine and warmth, may love and happiness never leave it, may cheerful children's laughter ring in it. Take care of each other, understand, love each other. Be always healthy and happy!

Love is the most wonderful feeling in human life. They say that true love only grows stronger over time. And I want to wish you that your feelings will become even more tender, strong and caring over time. Always be attentive to each other, forgive weaknesses, be quick-witted and always treat the most difficult situations with humor! Congratulations to you! From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on starting a family!

On their wedding day, I would like to wish the newlyweds to always remain in love with each other, tender and devoted, ready to help and support their soulmate in any situation. So that family life is filled with smiles, children's laughter and pleasant surprises!

Dear newlyweds! So you have become legal husband and wife, one loving family. We sincerely wish you health, happiness, wealth, prosperity in all your affairs and endeavors. May your journey be full of luck, fidelity, pleasures, and bright days. On this special day, we are so glad to be with you, to share the happiness of your love. May fate be clear and love long and eternal. Be sensitive and affectionate, do not lose your warm feelings and memories of your first meetings. Take care of those rings that you pick up, just like your love. Remember the words that you said to each other and fulfill your vows. Let that kiss that sealed your love be the beginning of a long road to a happy life, full of happiness and mutual understanding.

There are holidays for everyone, there are personal ones, and today is a special holiday for two. Pamper each other every day of your life, be true to common goals and do not forget that you have become one. Let respect for each other reign in your home, let there be a cozy place for dreams, and let the sun of happiness always shine above it!

Touching wedding congratulations in prose to the newlyweds

Happy wedding day to you, dear newlyweds! This day was the beginning of your new life, in which everything will be different for you. you have become halves of a whole. We wish you to feel extremely happy in this new incarnation. Let the feeling that united you only grow stronger every day, so that your union will be for each of you a real source of mental strength, joy, energy and happiness. May it be so sweet for you together that nothing can upset you. And let just one kiss can easily dissolve any “bitterness”!

Congratulations, dear newlyweds! Now you are not just a beautiful couple, now you are a young family. I wish you harmony and understanding, endless love and prosperity. Pamper, care, respect, appreciate and never cease to amaze each other. Happy wedding day!

My dear, happy newlyweds, I want to congratulate you on your wedding day - the most important, most important and unique day in your life. I wish you eternal, sacred, reverent, faithful, bright and endless love. And let it be like fire, because fire is a symbol of light, warmth, love, passion and prosperity. Now, like the glare of fire, you can look at you for hours without stopping, because you are burning with this fire of love, blazing with passion, pouring out with happiness and love. So let this fire of your love burn all problems and troubles and scare away with its light any adversities, sorrows, misfortunes and bad weather. Keep this fire in each other’s hearts, do not spare each other warmth, tenderness, pleasant words, hugs, support and care. If you don't let the fire go out, your marriage will be long, strong and happy. Congratulations!

Dear newlyweds! We wish your new home: if there is land - then for arable land, if there is good news - then good, if there is a tree - then fruitful, if there is rain - then strong, if there is a daughter - then beautiful, if there is a flower - then fragrant, if there is a son - then powerful, if a friend - that's right! Happiness and prosperity to you!

Our dear newlyweds, I want to congratulate you on a wonderful day in your life! May you remember it only as good, and may the memories of the happiness you experience now and the joy that overwhelms you always support you on your life’s path. And I also want to wish that your hearts are loving and forgiving towards each other, and your spirit is strong in all life situations. And may all the wishes that you hear today come true, bringing prosperity, happiness and harmony into your life!

Newlyweds, love each other, respect each other, keep your feelings like a shrine! May your eyes shine as much in fifty years as they do today. Let your home be full of children's laughter, joy, kindness and prosperity. Live soul to soul, appreciate every minute spent together. I wish you happiness for many years to come!

I would like to wish the young people a lot, but first of all, I wish you to be able to understand and listen to each other - and then it will be easy for you in your family. Help each other in everything, day after day strengthen your little cozy world, your family happiness. And we will fill our glasses and drink to you, to your feelings for each other, to love. Let's celebrate the creation of a new family and wish that it will always be protected by your happy destiny and ardent love! Bitterly!

Our dear newlyweds! Let there be only fun and pleasant moments in your life. May your days be filled with amazing events. They are the ones who will give you great emotions and inspiration. We wish that cheerful children's voices sound in your home.

Dear newlyweds! Today is the most joyful day of your life - from now on you will go through life together, holding hands tightly, supporting each other in everything. Congratulations to you! And never let go of your soulmate’s palm!

Dear newlyweds! Congratulations on this joyful and long-awaited day - your wedding day! I wish you to keep this love for the rest of your life and carry it through all the years and trials. Let your family life not be overshadowed by bitterness, resentment, or other misfortunes. I wish that every new day we live together will be a discovery for you. Wake up every morning thinking about how happy you are. Love each other, take care and wait, no matter what.

Original short wishes

The easiest way to congratulate the newlyweds is prose. As a rule, these are words that come from the heart. Anyone can write a couple of lines and there is no need to come up with a complex rhyme.

Among the large number of congratulations, you can find monotonous things. For example, they increasingly wish for happiness, love and a long family life. These are words that no congratulation can refuse.

But in order for the speech to be more harmonious and original, non-trivial phrases should be included in it.

  1. Real estate is, perhaps, the very first thing that a young family will need. Therefore, you can wish for an apartment, but not a simple one, but somewhere by the sea or in an elite area. You have to want the best.
  2. Travel - the world is so diverse and wide that it seems impossible to consider it all. Let the couple travel while they are young and discover new boundaries of what is permitted.
  3. Feelings of love and immense happiness - without love, no union will last. All people need it.

Wedding congratulations to a friend in touching prose

Happy wedding day, friend. I sincerely hope that you will not be swallowed up by the world of dirty dishes and socks. Just kidding, of course. Everything will be great. I wish you happiness. I wish you long lasting love. I wish you loyalty and trust. I wish you tenderness and passion. I wish you family comfort and daily joy. Enjoy each other and work hard on the project called "Kids". All the best to you. Be the most desirable wife, friend.

My dear friend! Today I want to share your joy with you. After all, today is the most important day for you - you are starting a new life. Let there be room only for joy, love and mutual understanding. Let your feelings grow stronger day by day. I wish you to be surrounded by care, affection and warmth. And, of course, lovely children. Be happy in your marriage, my friend!

My best and kindest friend, congratulations on the great and joyful holiday - the day of creating a new happy family. I wish you, dear, and your wonderful husband, eternal romance and ardent love, tenderness and joy, prosperity and success, prosperity and understanding, good health and funny children.

Dear friend! With the wedding day came the understanding that it was time to part with childhood and remember my highest purpose: to be a mother and wife. You met your soul mate and together you made the right decision - to unite your destinies into one. Happy wedding day to you! Happy birthday to the new family! Please accept my sincere wishes for goodness, the joys of life and family, extraordinary love and endless prosperity. May heaven bless this marriage and ensure its happiness with its protection. Be infinitely happy and don’t forget your girlfriends and friends. We are always there and ready to support you in any situation!

Dear friend, today you became a wife! Let your new status give you only boundless happiness! I wish that love, prosperity and mutual understanding always reign in your family! May your journey together be smooth, easy and beautiful!

Well, girlfriend, you have now become a wife. Carry this honorable status with dignity. Enjoy your new life and appreciate what you have. I wish your couple to be able to understand each other, trust each other and love madly without ceasing. Today you will hear many more pleasant words addressed to you. I wish they all come true. Love you!

I congratulate the irresistible beauty, my wonderful friend, kind and gentle bride on her happy marriage! I want to wish you, my dear, huge armfuls of flowers, thousands of calls with the words “I miss you,” a million pleasant surprises - and all this from your only and beloved husband! Let your eyes shine with happiness, and let your family path be easy!

They say that female friendship does not exist - this is not true. For me, you are a shining example of the incorrectness of this statement. You and I came to this joyful event in your life as sisters. And I will ask your husband how his sister is. I would like to wish you to stretch out your honeymoon for years, so that gray everyday life never touches your family.

Our dear friend, we congratulate you on your wedding day. We want to wish your family well-being, mutual understanding, patience and prosperity. May the dreams of lovers' hearts come true on your honeymoon, may only happiness and joy await you in the future. Be a loved and loving wife, become a caring and wonderful mother.

My dear friend! Today I want to share your joy with you. After all, today is the most important day for you - you are starting a new life. Let there be room only for joy, love and mutual understanding. May your feelings grow stronger every day. I wish you to be surrounded by care, affection and warmth. And, of course, adorable children. Be happy in your marriage, my friend!

What a fun way to congratulate newlyweds

A wedding is always a fun, noisy holiday. Appropriate congratulations will help make it even brighter and more interesting. Here you have to turn on your imagination.

To congratulate your friends on their wedding day in a fun way, you can turn to animators for help. For example, invite actors dressed as superheroes to a party.

Unusual guests will not only present the newlyweds with gifts prepared for them in an original way, but will also “pass on” their abilities to the spouses. For example, for a wife - the ability to simultaneously nurse five children, cook a bunch of dishes, look great and please your significant other. And the spouse can earn a bag of money every month without leaving the garage. You can come up with many cool options for “superpowers,” and they will be individual for each couple.

  1. I congratulate you on your wedding day, I wish you to live to old age. Together you will turn gray, go bald, go to the store, groan. In general, live happily and you love each other!
  2. Today I am a guest at the wedding, Today my friends are getting married. I am not a fan of “red phrases.” My order will be specific. Groom, take care of the bride. Buy boots for the winter, a bright sundress for the summer... Well, in general, you know the list yourself. Don't talk back to your wife - Everything will only get doubly worse. Her objections are a piece of cake. The wife is always right. You need to promise less, otherwise you will have to deliver. Don't forget about compliments AND about “special” moments. Now I'll tell you, bride. You are not cramped together with your loved one, Swear to always endure him, Even though it will be difficult sometimes. Prepare a delicious dinner with love, I will come to you to eat! Kidding! Of course, for my husband. He is well-fed and more obedient. And be patient, mother, collect socks around the house, and if he drinks more than the norm, do not send them to the addresses. This will be my advice, although there is no advice in love. And if you quarrel, make peace. Only after making peace, go to bed. And let the years fly forward. Got married? So, forever. There were a lot of words! Which one is missing? Bitterly!
  3. Congratulations, you are now ringed. I wish you to carry these “handcuffs” of marriage until the end of your days and maintain a sincere smile on your face, and not a twitching eye, excellent health, and not a mental disorder, the extraordinary beauty of soul and body, and not a disheveled and tired appearance. Live as happy birds, flying high in dreams and happiness, and may you soon have wonderful chicks.

Touching congratulations to a friend on his wedding in prose

You extended your hand to her and gave her your heart. She took your heart and placed it in her soul. Now you are one, now you are a young family! I wish that throughout your life you would hold her in your arms as carefully as the most fragile and vulnerable vessel in which your own heart is now kept. Live together and happily, love, build, achieve and increase. Advice to you, yes love!

You are not just my friend, you are a person who understands me perfectly, whom I feel in my soul. Today, on your wedding day, I sincerely, with all my heart, rejoice for you. May your choice be correct, love endless, and happiness immense. May family life give you even more than you expect from it and make all your cherished dreams come true!

We cordially congratulate our priceless, dear, respected friend on finding the best, beautiful half of his soul, on his new status - husband and head of the family! We sincerely want to wish you magical days nearby, happy sunrises, a scattering of twinkling stars in your hands. Let the confident feeling of necessity, irreplaceability for your family never leave you!

I have known the hero of the occasion since childhood. We grew up together, matured together, fell in love, endured the bitterness of loss. But this is not important, the important thing is that I always felt his help nearby.

Happy wedding day, my friend. Let everyone shout “bitterly” to your couple today, and I wish you a sweet family life - without reproaches, scandals and other problems. I wish you to pamper your wife and carry her in your arms more often. I wish that your wife dotes on you and always believes in you. Be truly happy, healthy and successful.

I want to wholeheartedly congratulate my friend and his lovely wife on their legal marriage and drink to them. My friend is a man of exceptional charm, talented in everything, and I am sure that under the wings of his love his wife will feel like Christ in his bosom. I will not wish you cloudless happiness, for it is rightly said: “We do not run from obstacles: we grow through them.” But may God always be with you!

Brother, my dear friend, I congratulate you on this important event, on the day when you became both a husband and a protector of your family. I wish you and your wife to live happily ever after, never close your hearts from each other, always keep the fire of love in the family hearth and never leave each other’s dreams aside. My friend, I have known you for a long time and I don’t even wish, but I can say with complete confidence that you will become a caring and loving not only husband, but also a dad. All the best to you guys, and - bittersweet!

I sincerely congratulate you on the most important event in your life! Next to you now there will always be a charming, gentle and fragile woman who so needs your support. Be a worthy husband so that your young wife will be the envy of all her friends! I wish you great happiness, strong love and only loyal friends!

They say that wealth is first of all health, secondly, a good wife, thirdly, children! Therefore, I wish the groom to be rich - to have remarkable health, to take care of his beautiful bride, whom he took as his wife today, to give birth to healthy children, with whom life will be doubly happy! For the bride and groom, sad!

Men often dream of having a harem, so that each of the women would give them love, care and affection, please them and indulge all their desires. I am absolutely sure that our groom, my friend, will never start a harem, because his chosen one can successfully replace all the women in the world for him! Here's to the dear groom, the charming bride and their true love!

Comic advice for the bride and groom on their wedding day

No wedding is complete without humorous parting words. Here are some ideas.

  • Advice to your spouse: if you come home drunk, grab your wife in your arms before she swings.
  • If something goes wrong, then you should listen to your wife’s opinion.
  • Advice to the spouse: to preserve peace within the family, the spouse should not suspect who is the true master of the house!
  • Let the wife be wrong! One way or another, it’s worth asking her for forgiveness!

Whatever the wedding parting words to the newlyweds, serious or comic, the main thing is that they are spoken sincerely, from the bottom of the heart. //

Wishes to the newlyweds from the aunt in her own words

To love means to look not at each other, but in the same direction. I really want this simple truth to become the basis of your married life. After all, marriage is when love is complemented by dreams about the future, joint aspirations and mutual decisions. I wish you to set life goals that will help increase your happiness and strengthen your family. May these goals be achieved, and may there always be room for new dreams and aspirations!

Beloved niece, I’ll tell you one simple family secret. We women are weak only in appearance, but all the strength in the family comes through us. Keep in mind that your husband’s determination and confidence will largely depend on your wisdom. I wish you from now on to become one, find new joys together, live in complete prosperity and mutual love.

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