Beautiful wedding congratulations in your own words to a friend

My dear friend! Today I want to share your joy with you. After all, today is the most important day for you - you are starting a new life. Let there be room only for joy, love and mutual understanding. Let your feelings grow stronger day by day. I wish you to be surrounded by care, affection and warmth. And, of course, lovely children. Be happy in your marriage, my friend!

Congratulations, dear friend, your happiness is already knocking on the door and promises a happy family life.
Always be so joyful and bright, remain that star that calls you to unknown heights. Love to you and your husband and many years of marriage! My dear, beloved and closest friend! Today is your happiest and most wonderful holiday, which you have been waiting for! I am very glad that your dream has come true and your beloved and only one will now go through life next to you. Let your love be so strong that the winds will not break it, the rains will not spill and the snow storm will not crumble. Let there be no big obstacles in your life together, but only small troubles that will only strengthen the union!

Dear girlfriend! You and I have always believed in fairy tales and waited for a real prince to come for us. Looks like you've waited for your hero! I want to wish that your fairy tale never ends, because you create it together! Let there be no place in it for evil sorceresses, spells and separations! May harmony and harmony reign in your family, and may your love bloom every day! Take care of each other! May your feelings remain as strong for many, many years to come, and may your eyes shine as much as they did on your wedding day!

Congratulations my dear best friend! Now you are not just a stunning beauty and smart woman, but a beautiful and smart wife! May everything work out for you in the best way, may your spouse pamper you, cherish you and cannot imagine his life without you. Wishing you family well-being and prosperity, a sweet love story that will never end.

My dear friend, that very beautiful day has come - your wedding day. You are the most wonderful bride and you will become the same wife. May your husband love and appreciate you deeply, may your life together be happy and prosperous. I wish the new family good health, prosperity and mutual understanding.

The day has come when our beloved friend enters into an alliance with a wonderful man whom she loves and with whom she dreams of spending the rest of her life. We wish you a marriage full of abundance, and that the love that united the newlyweds remains as strong as it is today, and that a new world opens up before them. And let me tell you that today you are more beautiful than ever. Happy wedding.

Dear friend! You met your soul mate, and together you made the right decision - to unite two destinies into one. Happy wedding day to you! Happy birthday to the new family! May heaven bless this marriage and grant it its protection. Be happy and don't forget your girlfriends and friends. We are always there and ready to support you in any situation!

Congratulations to a friend: the best ideas for wishes on your wedding day

If you at all costs want to write a congratulation in your own words, you should definitely read our article on how to write a toast yourself. But, naturally, universal recipes are only the basis, and wedding congratulations from friends should be personal, sincere, and unique!

For those who are wondering what to wish their friend and how to put it all into one logically coherent text, we leave here some practical recommendations:

  • Start congratulating your friend on her wedding day with a fascinating story-memory - if you don’t know what to wish your friend, remember the most striking incident in your life when she showed how important you are to her. For example, she supported you in difficult times, gave you extremely necessary and correct advice, helped make important changes in your life - for example, introduced you to your soul mate. Also, the wishes are perfectly based on general impressions - memories of joint travels, adventures, etc.
  • highlight the main idea in the text, not necessarily invented personally - remember that quotes and aphorisms work great! To get something going when giving a toast to a friend at her wedding, find a pre-known saying about friendship or love that would best characterize your relationship or the feelings of the newlyweds. Quote the words and continue the thought in your own words, adding pleasant wishes.

What to wish your best friend at your wedding?

...And finally, at the wedding celebration dedicated to the marriage of your friend, you have been given the floor, and you are going to make your toast. Try to show off your eloquence and sense of humor.

Try to remain confident and not worry, so as not to forget or confuse anything. But remember: the main thing in a wedding toast is not the beauty of the words, but their sincerity towards your friend and her chosen one.

*** Sages in the East believe that one person is attracted to another for three reasons: it can be an attraction of the body, mind, soul. The attraction of the body awakens passion, the attraction of the mind gives rise to respect, and the attraction of the soul creates friendship. I want to wish that our newlyweds never lose all three attractions that they now experience. It's bitter, friends!

*** A famous writer said: “Happiness is when you are understood.” This is true. Each of us wants to be understood by other people, because it is important for us to feel the support and respect of others. I want to wish our young people mutual understanding and love for many, many years to come! Happiness to you, dears!

Heartfelt congratulations to your best friend

There is a reckless opinion that female friendship does not exist. Actually this is not true. It exists and has been proven by many wonderful women.

So, when the person closest to you invites you to one of the most important events in your life, you start to really think about what to say. If everything is clear with the gift, then most often they give money. Many people have real problems with their congratulatory speech.

Before choosing a congratulatory speech, you should think about all the possible ways of congratulating you on your wedding:

Original song or show

If we are talking about originality, then it is worth noting such an item as a show and a song. Perhaps these are the most unique and different genres. As for the song, this requires certain data.

Therefore, if you completely lack both voice and hearing, then it is best not to choose to perform a musical composition

In this case, pay attention to another way of congratulations.

The show is considered an excellent option. You order professionals who provide you with several options for their show to choose from. This could be soap bubbles, a dance group, playing music on the violin, guitar, fire show and much more.

In fact, you might be surprised at how many original and original people there are in our country. The sand show is very popular, where a professional uses sand on glass to paint portraits of a woman and a man, newlyweds.

It's hard to say for sure that this is a show, since it looks so much like real works of art.

Poems for young people

One of the most popular options because it is easily accessible. In addition, you will not have to spend additional money on it. As you know, a wedding is a financial hole not only for the newlyweds, but also for the guests.

Therefore, many people do not accept it if they have to purchase something else. In this case, you have the opportunity to find a good option on the Internet or write it yourself. In fact, if you write a simple poetic form, then after reading a few samples you will definitely succeed.

Beautiful dance

What could be more original and original than dance. Sometimes, his tongue can say much more than ordinary words. So think about this option. The dance requires mandatory preparation.

If you don’t know how to dance well, then you should turn to professionals, where they will teach you simple movements in a short time. In addition, experienced dancers will help with staging the performance. You should think through its concept in advance and get costumes.

Oriental dances are very popular. They are colorful and graceful. Be sure to think about their implementation.

Heartfelt toast for a friend's wedding

Do you want your wedding congratulations to touch the most delicate strings of the soul of your beloved friend? Put maximum feelings and emotions into the words you say to her on her important day!

  • Beloved (name)! I want to wish you the most important thing - simple but true female happiness! Each of us, of course, has a different understanding of this concept. Some people wouldn’t mind adding wealth, career growth, victories over themselves and others... But true female happiness is the opportunity to love and be loved! I wish you, dear, that love fills your life and is a source of inspiration for everything you do!
  • We are all familiar with the famous saying that adversity makes a friend. But I like another phrase: “The meaning of true friendship is that it doubles joy and halves suffering.” Dear friend! The fact that I am here today - rejoicing, crying from the happiness and touchingness of the moment - is direct confirmation that you have a true friend! I wish you to find another one in your family life - a wonderful, reliable, loving friend - in the person of your spouse! And then let your happiness increase every time not by 2, but by as much as 4 times!

Toast from a friend about family

Dear newlyweds! I sincerely congratulate you on the creation of a new family. The most beautiful thing in this life is true love and great human friendship. I wish your love to be as long as your happy life! Take care of your old, devoted friends, they will definitely help you create a strong family. Do not forget that you are now responsible to us, your friends, who supported your decision to tie your destinies in one knot. I wish you to raise good, cheerful children and become the most beloved and kind parents for them. Have a good journey in life, my dears! And, of course, it’s bitter!

Original congratulations from the bridesmaids

Here is one original congratulation from the bridesmaids for the wedding:

  • Many people know that the bride is our best friend. All girls have secrets. Even in early childhood, we swore to each other not to fall in love, much less not to get married. When we turned 17, a decision was made to vow a replacement. It was possible to get married, but the weddings had to be on the same day. Today the promise was dishonestly not fulfilled. Our beloved best friend is getting married. But of course, we are not offended, we are only happy for her! After all, over the many years of our strong friendship, we became related and became sisters to each other. Is it possible to be offended by a loved one? Congratulations on the best day of your life with all our hearts! Today we would like to make a new oath that will now never be broken. We vow to regularly visit the newly-made family, help both of them and listen to their complaints, and also meet the first-born from the maternity hospital. Our dears! The real joy today is the happiness of a close friend. Of course, everyone can be successful in everything, especially when they have wonderful friends nearby, but this is not enough for true happiness. There should be a loved one nearby. We are so glad that our friend was lucky and met her love. We are sincerely happy for her, but to be honest, whatever one may say, we are a little BITTER!

Wedding toast from your best friend

What should be the ideal wedding toast for a friend? Let the leitmotif of your congratulations be the love and happiness of the young family. These wishes are always relevant, and the newlyweds will be pleased if you emphasize the importance of family values ​​in your wedding toast to your girlfriend.

*** Well, finally, everything I dreamed of since childhood has come true: Today you became a wife! I congratulate you on this! More beautiful than anyone in this world On this day in a bride's dress... I wish that everything will be great with my dear one on the road together! You will give each other vows to love endlessly and strongly, let them, dear friend, become true from now on! And let the holiday of Love and attraction to each other continue, For many, many years of the most beautiful family life!

*** You are the most beautiful bride today! Let everything be magical and wonderful on this day!

The two of you are now forever in sorrow and joy. Let love protect you from stupidity and envy.

May your husband adore you more than life itself. You are now one family. Let’s shout “bitter” three times!

*** My dear friend, congratulations! You were able to find your love. And on your wedding day I wish you: Don’t miss her for anything.

May she bring you joy, May your dreams come true with her, May you feel the sweetness of kisses on your lips every evening.

Let behind your husband, behind his shoulders, you be sheltered from adversity. And may you and your husband be lucky with your kids.


You can prepare drawings in advance for your dear friend and her chosen one. These can be cartoons (always looks unusual, funny and exclusive). A familiar artist will also draw portraits from photos today, putting part of his soul into this idea.

Write poems like these for the portraits:

My dear friend! Fate brought you together - it’s God’s will. We see how a family is born. This is what the inventive nature came up with, That it is impossible to live alone in the world. You take care of your happiness together, Don’t be angry with each other, don’t scold, Keep your love forever, Well, today have fun from the bottom of your heart! I raise my glass to you with love! Let every day, as the dawn wakes up, the husband said to his wife: “I love you.” You answered: 'I am yours forever!'

Portraits can be made in any size - from landscape to poster. Today, art and even stationery stores sell beautiful frames. Place a masterpiece with an inscription under the frame - and you will have the most original gift.

Wedding toast from a friend in the form of a parable

Once, an unkempt, crumpled old woman came to a house in which two sisters’ weddings were being celebrated at the same time and asked to be fed and given something to drink. The elder sister was angry with the old woman for disturbing the young people on such an important day, and wanted to kick her out. But the younger sister sat the grandmother down at the table, fed her well and brought her water. And this old woman turned out to be a good sorceress. She decided to give her sisters what they deserved. She put invisible gray glasses on her older sister and pink ones on her younger sister. After that, the older sister began to see the whole world in dark colors; it seemed boring to her. Her family life turned out to be just as gloomy, poor and uninteresting. And the younger sister enjoyed every moment of life, loved all its colors. She respected her husband, not noticing minor offenses, so their family turned out to be happy and loving. A woman is the queen of the family; it depends on her how long and happy the holiday of family happiness will be. Therefore, I wish my dear friend ______ (name of the bride) to create paradise for her family happiness. The kingdom of the family is the domain of a woman, and only she has the power to make marriage one bright and long-lasting holiday. Let our bride definitely succeed. Bitterly!

Sincere words for a friend to tears

Beautiful and sincere words are spoken not only to the bride, but also to the groom .

There is a stereotypical opinion that men do not like touching congratulations. This is absolutely not true. They will sound harmoniously from the mouth of a female friend or relative.

Therefore, you should not be afraid to express speeches that can move people to tears:

Artem, do you remember how we met? This was 20 years ago. You moved with your parents to live in our building. Since then, we have been friends. We went to the same school together, walked and relaxed in the same company.

This is interesting: How to write congratulations on your wedding day for a classmate?

Now we have become family friends. This makes me very pleased and warm in my soul. For me, you have always been not just a friend, but an older brother. At one time, do you remember, we even told others that we were brother and sister?

It's surprising, but sometimes relatives are not as close to each other as you and I are. I am very glad and proud that you were able to succeed as a person and achieve professional heights.

Today you are developing more and more, and this is reflected even in your personal life. Now you have found your (still) small family. Let it only become stronger and bigger.

Toast to a friend's wedding

  • Let the melody of prosperity never stop sounding! And you would always be the main composers of the music of your family life!
  • Dear friend, on your wedding day, I would like to wish you from the bottom of my heart: A beautiful little house - an estate And a beautiful garden nearby. So that there is prosperity, harmony, bright comfort in this house. May your husband keep you sacred and brighten up your leisure time. I wish you merry laughter and the trampling of your children. In everyone’s affairs there is only success and bright, excellent ideas. Hold each other's hand, Then all the trouble won't matter! Now you are a husband and wife, my dear ones, happy main day!
  • My dears! Today a wonderful event happened - you became husband and wife. Always live in love, peace and harmony. And remember that you are now one. I wish you a new addition to your family, financial well-being, mutual patience and respect for many, many years to come. And if it gets difficult, we, parents, will always help with a kind word and give good advice. Be happy!
  • It's time for me to congratulate you. How much we've been through together! And now it’s time to dot the “i”s. I am glad to congratulate you, Our friendship knows no bounds. Your wedding is the reward, This is what love can give. Congratulations, may the light burn forever in the house. I wish you tons of happiness. I wish I could sing louder!
  • Dear friend, at this solemn hour, I wish you good luck and aspirations. Have babies! Let the golden moments of love make you happy!
  • Today you are the cutest of all, in a white dress like a marshmallow. Everyone, friend, more beautiful, You will conquer the whole world. I wish you happiness, There is only love in marriage. And try with the kids to bring you joy!
  • You, my friend, are like a lily, beautiful. Today you are like a rose, beautiful. And your life will no longer be stormy. The soul will not see loneliness. I wish that you could save love. May adversity continue to recede. After all, a family is like a bright island in a blue sea. I wish I could remember this more often. I wish to always be the same as before, And keep all the best in my heart. Set aside a corner for hope in your home. I wish you to be happy forever.
  • Young people, I wish you with all my heart that a warm ray of family happiness and prosperity will shine brightly through your window! And the wind of sweet moments of life together came through the doors as often as possible! Bitterly!
  • Let's congratulate this couple with a friendly clink of glasses on their wonderful wedding day! May their life be as sweet, their kisses as intoxicating, and their marriage as strong as the wine in my glass! And may you never be bitter in your life, but only today – Bitter!
  • Today you are the most beautiful in the world, After all, you have now become a bride. In your hands you hold a little white bouquet, For happiness, the door is open before you. Friend, I wish you love, family comfort and warmth. After all, for me you are the dearest, May the marriage be prosperous!
  • We have been friends with you since childhood, Today you are already a bride. Beautiful, pure and simple, Spinning with a veil dress. And the doves fly into the sky, All the guests cry bitterly. My friend, for you, so always be happy! Let the husband be attentive and not forget about his mother-in-law. And may your dawn burn for you, my friend, for you: “Bitter!”
  • This joyful day has come - the day you dreamed about so much! The most significant thing in your life, New roads and success are the beginning. Your beauty sparkles like a pure diamond Here, at the gala wedding - Let these bright colors of life caress your days with warm care. Happiness to you, my dear! Strong love, increased wealth, And travel to foreign lands, An active, rich and sweet life. So that your husband carries you in his arms and gives you many different gifts. If you’re tired, you’ll wash the dishes. You’d be caring and affectionate with the children. Seas of flowers, romantic nights, More holidays than harsh everyday life. And parties with fun friends, New events and new joys!
  • Our friend, our daughter-in-law, you unexpectedly become our wife. Congratulations! We wish you eternal undying love, a husband who is affectionate and responsive, who knows how to please a lady: flowers every day, branded clothes, diamonds, perfume... In short, friend, be happy!
  • What is marriage in financial terms? A family is a joint venture, the bride and groom are the founders, the wedding ceremony is the presentation of the company, the love of the young for each other is the initial capital. To develop this company, it is necessary to conduct business in such a way that the capital continuously grows and new members of the joint venture appear - heirs. I would like to wish my friends big dividends in the form of good luck. I am confident that your company will survive any crisis and increase capital better than any bank. It's bitter, friends!
  • Dear newlyweds! I want to sincerely congratulate you on your wedding day and the creation of a new, friendly family! Love and mutual understanding are the most beautiful spiritual qualities that a person can be endowed with. I wish you to keep your love throughout your long life! Live in happiness, joy and love, may you have healthy and beautiful children, and do not forget to be a reliable support for your parents. For you, dears! Bitterly!

Fireworks with the names of the bride and groom

This gift will definitely be remembered. Just order it from professionals who are well acquainted with the rules of pyrotechnics. Be sure to film the festive fireworks display with the names of the bride and groom; photographs will also become a decoration of the wedding album. Before you turn on colorful lights in honor of the newlyweds, say congratulations to your friend on her wedding in verse.

You have a lot today: Friends, smiles and flowers, You now have one road, One dream, one love. But this day will not happen again. Be able to cherish your happiness. And may God grant you, as they say, not to stray from the wide path, not to make a mistake, not to stumble, to fall in love even more deeply and to preserve these feelings! Congratulations on your legal marriage! There is no happier moment! I wish you all the best, great happiness, many years to come!

Now you have several options for congratulating your beloved friend on the happiest day of her wedding.
Dream, create and come up with your own ways to please your loved ones and friends. Your

Congratulations on your friend’s wedding day in prose - congratulations in your own words

Our dear and wonderful friend, today you became a wife, today is a wonderful holiday of your life - the birthday of your family. We sincerely congratulate you and your spouse on your wedding day and want to wish you strong relationships and tender feelings, the eternity of your love and undoubted happiness in your home. May your passion not fade away over time, may your magnificent wife and housewife greet her wonderful husband from work with a smile and hugs every time.

Beloved girlfriend, now you have been married off! We wish that your family will be an example for many, that you will cherish and cherish each other, and become a real support and support. May you have no need for anything. Love each other! And we are already waiting for your small copies. Bitter for the young!

Congratulations, friend, on your wedding day. We wish you a happy marriage and a bright ray of love in your family. Be a wonderful goddess for your spouse, and in the future become a wonderful mother of wonderful children. We wish your family to have many smiles, money and joy.

Our dear friend, today you are the most beautiful and happiest bride and we, your friends, are happy to sincerely congratulate you on your wedding day! Let family life be like a fairy tale, let your husband surround you with love and care, let love never leave your couple, more happiness, joint trips and travel, healthy children!

Dear friend, we congratulate you on this wonderful event, on the new calling in your life called “wife”. We wish you and your other half the eternal blessings of family life, unquenchable happiness and love blazing in any weather. Guys, may there be no gloomy days in your life together, may your eyes never lose their happy sparkle.

Dear friend, today you have become a wife, the keeper of the hearth of your wonderful family. We wish you wonderful inspiration and excellent mood, home comfort and warmth, faithful love of your spouse and tender care, incredible joy and true good. Be happy, dear ones.

Hurray, your friend is getting married, I congratulate you, my dear. I wish you to live a happy family life, not drowning in a heap of household chores and continuing to blossom with your beauty, delighting your spouse with tenderness and affection, filling the house with comfort and warmth. May your husband give flowers and compliments every day, may you both always manage to make any of your dreams come true!

Our beloved friend, we congratulate you and your husband on this wonderful day! We know that we have placed you in the most reliable hands! Be happy, loved and inimitable! Take care of your union, and of course, do not forget your friends. Bitterly!

So a family was born, so pure, so sincere and strong. May you enjoy each other more and more every day, and may time not rush forward, but give emotions, understanding and peace. Be happy, friend!

Our dear friend, today is one of the brightest and most solemn days of your life - you started a family and became the wife of a wonderful man. We would like to wish you love, fidelity, prosperity and understanding, may your family hearth burn brightly for many years to come.

Congratulations in prose

It is advisable to take these tips into account, as well as focus on the congratulations given as an example:

Dear friend! With the wedding day came the understanding that it was time to part with childhood and remember my highest purpose: to be a mother and wife. You met your soul mate and together you made the right decision - to unite your destinies into one. Happy wedding day to you! Happy birthday to the new family! Please accept my sincere wishes for goodness, the joys of life and family, extraordinary love and endless prosperity. May heaven bless this marriage and ensure its happiness with its protection. Be infinitely happy and don’t forget your girlfriends and friends. We are always there and ready to support you in any situation!


If you know the couple well, you know how they met or you took part in it, then congratulating your friend in your own words, telling a beautiful story, will be an interesting option

It is important to immediately capture the attention of guests and heroes of the occasion with small notes of literary style, describing a couple of newlyweds, as well as the story of how they met. It should be said that we were talking about young people at the very end of the story. A congratulation voiced in this way allows you to penetrate the souls of those present and is very sentimental

A congratulation voiced in this way allows you to penetrate the souls of those present and it is very sentimental.

For example, one of the stories, the characters and events are fictitious, the situation should be transferred to a specific couple:

“In an ordinary nondescript multi-storey building, on the fifth floor, a smart and beautiful girl lived for 20 years. She, like many, went to school, then went to college, and was always interested in music. No one could have guessed the moment when she would meet the prince. She grew up, got a job, and everyone denigrated her good career, but she thought about her family and children. A guy lived in another high-rise building for 25 years. Studying at school was not easy for him, of course he was not a poor student, but he was far from being an excellent student, he was fond of sports. Having entered the institute, he came to his senses and graduated with honors. Having received an education and becoming an eligible bachelor, he broke many girls’ hearts, but one struck him. They met simply in a cafe when our girl was meeting her friends. Now this is the most beautiful and happiest couple - Anya and Alexander. And today, I would like to wish you that this day is just the beginning of your fabulous story, and that many more bright, clean and exciting pages of life together await you ahead. Congratulations! Advice and love to you!”


This option of congratulating a friend in your own words will undoubtedly create a sensation. One of the congratulations-parables that you can use as a guide when composing your own: “A rich, respected and noble man had a beautiful and intelligent wife. Those around him were jealous and said that this was the best and sweetest life. The wife never said a word against her husband, she was obedient and faithful, but everyone wondered why he was sad all the time. One day a man called a friend to his place. The table was assembled, but all the dishes were desserts: various cakes, pastries, sweets, several types of chocolate. When dinner was coming to an end, the guest asked: “Are there any butter and bread?” At that moment the owner of the house said: “You see, my friend, how quickly sweets become boring.” This wisdom says that if everything in life is sweet, then it quickly becomes cloying. So on this day I wish you to be real and also sincere, not to keep everything to yourself and be able to tell your loved one about your feelings, because without pepper and the slightest spice, family life will quickly become boring. Congratulations!”>

Toasts to a friend's wedding in verse

*** My dear friend, dear, Today you became a wife. I raise a glass to your union, to your happiness and love!

I want to wish you patience, Always understand each other, So that there is prosperity and luck, And make all decisions together!

I know you will be happy, you will cherish your family, I wish you to be loved forever, you will always live in harmony!

*** This day is the most joyful day in your life, you will remember it forever! Let only bright thoughts live in you, And sadness will never come. May the union, born again now, Warm your souls with warmth, May love never cool down Amidst everyday strife and cold! Be happy, deeply loved, Let the house be filled with friends, After all, all desires are fulfilled, If souls shine with warmth.

*** A wedding day is an important event, and today is a holiday for you! Now you are a hundred times braver, After all, this is a crucial hour! And here you are standing beautiful And accepting toasts from us... Remain happy forever, And you will learn the secret of love... Make peace with each other for a reason And even without a reason too... I wish you to take care of your family from a young age, After all, there is nothing more expensive!

Wishes in verses

Do you think that the solemnity of the moment requires a poetic address? Of course, you can choose a pathetic and pretentious congratulation with moral teachings and edifications. However, be prepared for the fact that some guests, having difficulty suppressing a yawn, will fiddle with their forks in their plates, waiting for the end of your speech.

Maybe you shouldn’t lower the level of positive emotions at the holiday table? Choose a humorous poem that suits the situation and read it to the newlyweds with expression. One of the options is a stylization of the popular “Bad Advice” by Grigory Oster.

If hooligans come to you right in the middle of the wedding, don’t throw them out right away, maybe it’s us. You will seat us at the table, in those places where we have eaten little, and we ourselves can easily open the bottle. And while we, the teacher, Together with our uncle, the policeman, were not caught, together with you We will be for the newlyweds. Eat salad and drink vodka!

If you come to a wedding, You should immediately look around, Look at the curtain, Make it whiter and longer. If you don’t find a white one, Then you’ll have to take any one, And to make it white, look for Aunt Asya. And when the bride and groom are distracted for a moment, quickly put the curtain on yourself, and cover your mustache with a fork, quickly stick it with chewing gum and shout: “I am the bride”! They will give you gifts.

The humorous nature of the poem does not exclude the presence in it of deep meaning and subtle morality, which acts as an instruction to newly-made spouses.

Be healthy, live richly, As far as your salary will allow you, But know that your salary is never enough. Shake all your ancestors, they will give you more. You have twice as many parents, love them more, stay longer. Don't be afraid of booties, don't be afraid of diapers, Give birth to boys, give birth to girls. But children bore their parents. Throw them to the grandmothers - they will educate them. But most of all, we wish, however, that your marriage does not have a marriage!

That's all, there is no freedom to be seen, Today we have become husband and wife. We hasten, friends, to wish you to always be one team! There is no need for substitute players, and there is no need for referees either. We wish you strong shackles, so that the two of you will be together until you turn gray. And let your team grow, the Junior roster expands. Happiness will find you, friends, everywhere, Just honor, you, family charter!

The discordant ranks of bachelors have thinned out greatly since your wedding. Let your friends be a little sad in their hearts, But they will wish you week after week To love each other, to catch every breath, And not to find a place for yourself in separation. Argue a little, make a fuss somewhere, But still squeeze your hands with love. Walk through life, without losing a beat, to the beat, So that hearts beat in one sonata, So that in the magic and mystery of love Body and destiny, as if in a dance, merge.

That's it, guys, you got it, After all, you have become wife and husband. For the spouse - no partying, rare but fun drinking sessions. Quickly get out the stash that you saved for your car, that you put in a little bag for many years, - That’s it, there’s no money for that! For the wife: borscht and meat, in the summer - supplies for the winter. And all year - socks, socks... (You could die of boredom)! What's happened? Aren't you afraid? And will you unite even stronger? So you have found each other, the best husband and wife!

Cupid practiced archery, dangling his legs on the cloud-porch. Here is the result: with one arrow the groom was struck down, with another - the bride was severely wounded in the heart.

Don't bother them, let them always be there, Fall in love even more every day. And even if you growl sometimes, pacify each other with fluffy tenderness:

“How delicious, kitty, is the over-salted lunch!” — Having kissed my friend on family days. “Where did you jump, my little rabbit? It’s dawn outside!” — Hugging the intoxicated, but reached husband...

Don’t blow a quarrel out of a molehill into an elephant, know how to forgive by tearing grievances to shreds! And your life will always be full of happiness, permeated through and through with love, day and night!

Let there be electricity, water and gas in the house, There is no need for sadness and debts, Grab a magical chance on the fly, Live with a spark, creatively and together!

You live in such a way that everyone will envy you, So that the masters want to make a film about you, Let there be a minuscule amount of tiny problems, Love with luck - ribbons-kilometers.

Don't build a house - a fairy-tale palace, Don't plant a bush - a garden of a hundred hectares, Let there be a daughter and a little son, And happiness for dozens of memoirs!

We wish you Alyonka, a blond girl, For Alyonka a brother - a boy Ignatik. And catching up with my brother, let my little sister Raya grow. They will hang out with Zina, Galya, Valya and Marina, Nadya, Olya, Kolya and, of course, Tolya. Let Vitya grow up healthy, Yura grow up kind, Mitya grow up smart, and then let the guys (oh, those little devils!) Petya, Vasya and Valery, Gena, Alexey, Evgeny. Let Masha be the smaller one, and then Natasha, Zoya, Polyushka, Stepan and the smallest one, Ivan, will go. Give birth to these babies, and then whoever you want! We also wish the young couple to live to see your golden wedding, And for Borka’s great-grandson to shout “Bitter” at the wedding!

The man in the family is like one, the wife is like zero - that’s what they say. Everything can change depending on how the two numbers appear in a row. When a daughter-in-law comes into the house with tact and insight, She, having become a zero after her husband, makes the Spouse a ten. And the stupid wife stands forward in front of her husband Zero. And the count goes the other way around, And the result, of course, is worse. I drink so that with good meaning the Wife, sharing life with her husband, leads him to high numbers, and does not reduce him to zero!

Wedding toast from a friend about the religion of marriage

Dear guests! As a friend of the bride and friend of the groom, I want to raise a glass to the happiness of our newlyweds. The Lord told the people: “Be fruitful and multiply!” And in our world there is no higher religion than the religion of one friendly family. God unites two destinies for procreation, for mutual help, and also for love. That is why a husband and wife should be sacred to each other. I wish you to achieve such an understanding of your family union. And I, in turn, hope to celebrate another “golden” wedding with you and remain a good friend and reliable assistant to you in all your endeavors. For your long and endless happiness, our dear newlyweds!

What to wish a friend?

If you manage to enjoy your best friend's wedding more than you do at your own, then you can be sure that this is a true friendship.

Male friendship has been praised for a very long time, because it is real, sincere and incorruptible. Therefore, on the day of consolidation of family ties, only the most beautiful words and warm congratulations will be heard from a friend.

Touching poems

There is an opinion that a congratulatory poem should be lyrical, touching and a little tearful. This is absolutely false. Especially for men who, in principle, do not support such sentimentality. Therefore, comic congratulatory speeches were specially created for them.

But it’s still better to find out about this from the groom in advance, because instead of warm congratulations, you can become the culprit of a quarrel.

How to congratulate in prose?

Prose may sound like a fairy tale

All wedding guests love parables and always listen to them with attention. Therefore, you can prepare in advance by learning a short parable. It contains folk wisdom from which you can learn a lesson for the rest of your family life.

It contains folk wisdom from which you can learn a lesson for the rest of your family life.

“One young man traveled a lot and visited more than a hundred countries. But he never knew how couples confess their love to each other, because the traveler had never experienced this power. Having met a young married couple in Russia, the young man asked how they confessed their love to each other. The young man hugged his betrothed and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Then the traveling young man realized that the whole power of love is not in words, but in actions.”

“During the Middle Ages, knights were loyal to three things: their king, God and their woman. Now the times of knights are gone, but real men remain. Three things are still important for them: parents, women and protection of the weak. I want to raise my glass to the groom, who, despite the fact that the times of knights have passed, still remains one.”

Wedding toast from a friend about beauty

Today _______ and ______ (names of the newlyweds) are the heroes of the wedding day. This day was blessed by heaven with love, and immediately the hearts of the newlyweds opened up to this great feeling. Love was given to you from above, so love sincerely, doubling all joys and dividing all problems in two. If you want your family ship to sail to your golden wedding, be as loving and kind to your significant other as you are beautiful today. And I wish the groom to take care of and protect three women in his life: mother, wife and mother-in-law. And, of course, don’t forget about your friends.

Original and beautiful congratulations

A married couple can wish for a lot.

The main thing is that all words sound sincere and come from the heart.

  1. One day a man returned home and saw robbers. They demanded that he give up his wallet, in return they would spare his life. Without thinking, the man gave away his wallet with all the money. Let's wish that the only beautiful thief in this family is the wife. Well, her husband should meekly give up not only his wallet, but also his life.
  2. Today I want to say some unusual words. All evening congratulations addressed to the young spouses are heard. I would like to surprise everyone and congratulate the mothers. There are two wonderful mothers: the groom and the bride. It is thanks to them that we have gathered here today. They put a huge amount of effort and nerves into growing a healthy personality. Thanks to them, we see how beautiful, smart and well-mannered the bride and groom are. Moms, today is a special holiday for you too. Your child is becoming an adult. He is released on his own. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the new family.
  3. It seemed like you had met quite recently. And now you have decided to become a family. Let it work out for you in the most harmonious and correct way. Love, appreciate and respect each other. Then on your life path all obstacles will be easily overcome.

This is interesting: How to congratulate a man on his wedding and is it necessary to congratulate an ex-boyfriend?

Cool congratulations on the wedding of a friend

Who better than friends to make witty and funny toasts at a wedding? Choose a cool congratulations for your friend’s wedding - surprise everyone with an unusual speech!

  • Dear (name)! How many times have we dreamed together? Let everything you want begin to come true today! How to dream correctly? I'll tell you. I wish you to be surrounded by care: to feel not only reliably protected next to your loved one - as if behind a stone wall, but also cozy and comfortable - as if under several blankets! I wish you to dream not of a luxury sports car, but of a cute family van that can accommodate your entire growing family! I wish that you always feel not like a queen who is feared and worshiped, but a truly happy woman - who is loved and appreciated!
  • Dear groom! Be kind, love our dear (name) like a soul, take care of her like the apple of your eye, value her like a treasure, carry her in your arms, protect her from envious people and don’t forget to admit your mistakes more often! And you, our beloved (name), if something goes wrong, you always know what number to call! After all, a best friend is cooler than the Ministry of Emergency Situations: sometimes a half-hour conversation is enough - and life is already getting better! Remember that you have me! Happy young people!

How to properly congratulate newlyweds

Wishes must be original. Naturally, there are cliches that have managed to earn respect, but it is better to leave them for someone else, because at every wedding there will be people who want to pronounce them. Let touching words attract attention and touch hearts.

Congratulations on the wedding from the bridesmaid have always occupied their important place of honor. It can be read in prose or poetry, using beautiful and original words. The focus should, of course, be on the new family.

The speech must be delivered in such a way that the guests and newlyweds experience great positive emotions. Not only speech, but also its correct pronunciation will play an important role. Competent gestures and emotions on the speaker’s face will also be a plus. Using these simple rules it is easy to achieve maximum positive effect.

Beautiful wedding wishes for a friend

Beautiful words for a wedding are no less important than hugs, smiles and gifts! Choose a wedding greeting for your friend so that all the guests will be captivated by the beauty of your speech!

  • They say a man should plant a tree, build a house and give birth to a son. These are, of course, very worthy goals, but for some reason no one talks about the important women’s mission! A woman must plant a seed of wisdom in the family, build a strong foundation of love and understanding in relationships and raise beautiful children! Dear friend, I want to raise this toast to you and to your most important feminine destiny - to be the embodiment of softness, love, tenderness and wisdom in your young family!
  • It seems to men that women dream of a star from the sky, untold wealth and luxury. But in fact, every woman is a little girl who dreams of simple joys - love, care, tenderness and affection. Dear friend! Let your life be filled with these simple, bright and so important things. Take care and appreciate each other, and everything else will definitely happen!



Standard congratulations

Standard wedding congratulations from the bridesmaids can also be touching. It is best to remember something from the life of the young people: how they met, how the groom wooed his beloved. Original congratulations from the bridesmaids on the wedding:

  • It seems that not so long ago was the day you met. I was very pleased to observe with what tenderness and trepidation you began to treat each other. Today I witnessed the birth of a new family and I am very happy about it. Your love was born before my eyes. Let this strong strong feeling, which can move mountains, always live in your soul. Keep it, it will help you be together in joy and sorrow. I wish you only bright, good days, may your life be sweet, and today may it be bitter!
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