DIY wall newspaper for the New Year 2022: basic rules for creating a poster and recommendations, new photo ideas

All school and preschool institutions are preparing thoroughly for New Year's events. And the production of such an attribute as a poster (wall newspaper) for the New Year 2022 is one of the important preparatory processes. Everyone is welcome to join in the creativity. And, as a rule, there are many of them. Especially in kindergartens. True, little artists resort to the help of parents and educators. Which has a positive effect on the final result.

Middle school students can already cope easily without the help of adults. New Year's creativity always puts you in a positive mood and develops your imagination. However, the muse does not come to everyone.

Therefore, it is permissible to use ready-made templates.

The article contains a good selection of sketches for every age and taste. All ideas will make the task of making New Year's posters easier, which will make the process even more enjoyable. Watch, draw and create with pleasure!

Basic rules of the poster

  • Large elements and main texts are placed first.
  • The wall newspaper must list the names of all employees;
  • You can combine individual sheets into a large banner;
  • It is recommended that the design reflect the main areas of activity of your establishment;
  • It is better to draw a sketch of the newspaper in advance

New Year and Christmas paraphernalia

Together with the traditional Father Frost and Snow Maiden, you can decorate your newspaper with Christmas attributes. In this case, you should not depict the symbol of the year according to the eastern calendar.

If this symbol is played out in the newspaper, you can create a humorous “horoscope” for employees.

But if you need an unusual wall newspaper, you can make it in the form of “Santa Claus’s mail”, with personal real postal envelopes for each employee, as in this photo.

You can also play a star lottery - let everyone tear off a star with a number from the newspaper and get a chance to win a small prize. Let it be a pen, pencil, chocolate, etc.

How to make a wall newspaper on a computer with your own hands

To create a wall newspaper or design a small A4 poster on a computer, it is not at all necessary to be able to work with professional programs. You don't have to complete designer courses or spend time on lengthy self-study. It is enough to have a standard set of programs installed on any home or office computer. Here are just a few of the simplest programs from the Microsoft Office package (must be installed on your PC), suitable for designing posters and accessible to everyone:

  • Publisher - the good thing about this program is that you can manually set page sizes, which will allow you to eventually print the finished wall newspaper in one sheet.
  • Power Point - a presentation program is quite suitable for creating a wall newspaper. But, unlike the previous option, if the poster is supposed to be large, then you cannot do without gluing. You will have to make the wall newspaper elements separately, then print them out in separate sheets and then glue them together.
  • Excel is perhaps the most unexpected program that you can resort to when you have to make a wall newspaper yourself. If you try, you can even add pictures to the “layout” of the future poster, but in this case the file size increases and the spreadsheet editor becomes slow.

All of the above programs are more suitable for simple-structured posters without visual frills, when your goal is to simply convey information in the form of text without the use of illustrations or other effects. You are unlikely to make an interesting poster to congratulate the birthday boy using Microsoft Office.

Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop programs will be more advanced tools in this regard. Here you can already set the dimensions of the poster with millimeter accuracy, you can add photographs and letters of any size. But, again, not everyone knows how to work in a graphics editor, and not every computer has it installed. If you are going to print a series of posters, then it makes sense to delve into the topic of design and buy the appropriate programs. Otherwise, for printing just one poster, the end does not justify the means.


  • It is better to use personal photographs only after agreement with the person depicted in the picture;
  • You can make a comic collage from such photographs (the Odnoklassniki website uses this principle to make congratulations);
  • It is imperative to express gratitude to all employees and hope for further cooperation.

We present some options for homemade wall newspapers.

Birthday of I.S. Turgenev

Friends, today is the birthday of the world-famous writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev! My fellow countryman, especially beloved and revered on Oryol land!

I. S. Turgenev is a Russian realist writer, poet, publicist, playwright, prose writer, and translator. One of the classics of Russian literature who made the most significant contribution to its development in the second half of the 19th century. Corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in the category of Russian language and literature, honorary doctor of Oxford University, honorary member of Moscow University.

It’s a pity that last year and this year, many public events, both in our city and in Spassky-Lutovinovo dedicated to Turgenev (and not only to him, but also to other Orlov writers) were canceled due to the coronavirus, or were quite modest. Usually these were wonderful literary festivals, photo reports from which I staged in our community, many probably remember.

For those who haven’t seen it, I’ll put a couple of links on the topics of 17th year, it was one of the best holidays:

Everyone knows I.S. Turgenev is more like a prose writer of such famous works as “Fathers and Sons”, “The Noble Nest”, “Rudin” “First Love” “Asya” “Mu-mu” “Notes of a Hunter” I will not list everything, probably everyone read them in school, and many were filmed. I have always admired his beautiful Russian language, simplicity and accuracy of presentation, at the same time the most graceful in Russian classical literature and the most picturesque.

But he also has wonderful poems, and some have written wonderful, beautiful romances!


A foggy morning, a gray morning, Sad fields covered with snow, Reluctantly you remember the past, You remember faces long forgotten.

You will remember the abundant passionate speeches, the glances so greedily, so timidly caught, the first meetings, the last meetings, the beloved sounds of a quiet voice.

You will remember the separation with a strange smile, You will remember much of your distant home, Listening to the incessant murmur of the wheels, Looking thoughtfully at the wide sky.


When you looked so joyfully, so tenderly into my eyes And I serenely kissed your long eyelashes;

When it happened that you bashfully dozed off on my chest And I timidly admired your pensive beauty;

When the moon rises over the lush garden and you and I sit in front of the window carelessly next to each other, Breathing the same breath;

When, in a sad moment of separation, I froze all so sadly and silently pressed trembling hands to my lips and heart, -

Tell me: could I have foreseen that we were both destined to separate and hate a love that died long ago?


The moon floats high above the earth Between pale clouds; But a magic ray moves from above like a wave of the sea.

My soul recognized you as its moon... And it moves in joy and sorrow by you alone...

The soul is full of longing for love, longing for silent aspirations... It’s hard for me... but you are alien to turmoil, Like that moon.


Oh, how long have I been walking with you! The forests rustled so pleasantly! And I looked with silent love into your blue eyes.

And my soul rejoiced... The extinguished blood flared up, And the earth blossomed, blossomed, And love blossomed, blossomed.

Spring day, captivating day! The streams gurgled so welcomingly, And in the forest, in the semi-light shadow, the rays sank so brightly!

How luxuriously the river flowed! How easily the sheets fluttered! How blissfully the clouds rushed by! How brightly you smiled!

How I forgot everything else! How thoughtful and quiet I was! How mysteriously touched I was! How I was not ashamed of my tears! —

And now this day is funny to us, And the outbursts of longing for love are funny to us, like an unfulfilled dream, Like empty, bad poems.


Prose poems about the Russian language

In days of doubt, in days of painful thoughts about the fate of my homeland, you alone are my support and support, oh great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language! Without you, how can one not fall into despair at the sight of everything that is happening at home? But one cannot believe that such a language was not given to a great people!


Now, when our Russia goes its own way alone And finally your homeland is carried away to other destinies, - Now, in the great hour of separation, Let the sounds of Russian speech be a guarantee for you that the years will pass and the enmity will end; That, alien to the German from the cradle, In one short century the Russian man will meet with him for the same purpose, As with his brother; What if now, by right, Curses are thundering all around us, - We will redeem our shame and our glory with glory and Goodness... We sympathize with everything with which your chest is warmed; And we wish for peace, light, Not destruction - and not darkness.


...And little by little he began to be drawn back: to the village, to the dark garden, Where the linden trees are so huge, so shady, And the lilies of the valley so pristinely fragrant, Where the round willows over the water Bent down in a row from the dam, Where the fat oak grows above the fat cornfield, Where it smells like hemp and yes nettles... There, there, in the expansive fields, Where the earth turns black like velvet, Where the rye, wherever you cast your eyes, Flows quietly in soft waves And a heavy, yellow ray falls from behind transparent, white, round clouds. It's good there; there are only Russians at home; And the steppe is familiar to him like a homeland; As if on the sea, he walks along it - Lives and breathes, moves more freely; He goes to himself and sings to himself carelessly; Going... where? does not know! endlessly Running, running, incoherent words... The grass has already risen in its wake... You don’t promise him another share - He doesn’t want another, reasonable will...


Friends, LYUDMILA LUKYANCHENKO kindly complemented the theme with such a beautiful portrait of I. S. Turgeneva!

Thank you very much, Lyudochka, the portrait is excellent!

Newspaper from the Internet

If you have very little time, you can download the template from the Internet:

  1. We print newspaper fragments downloaded from the Internet on a simple black and white printer.
  2. We paste them on whatman paper.
  3. We paint the contours with a suitable color.
  4. We write congratulations and wishes in the text forms.

Ready-made color template

You need to choose a template you like online and print it on a large color printer-plotter in a printing salon.

All that remains is to enter New Year's greetings into it.

Congratulations usually come from the director of the organization. If the newspaper is published by a separate department, class or group, then the congratulations are written by the immediate boss, teacher or educator.

In a newspaper for a kindergarten group, you can paste photographs of children with their requests to Santa Claus. In school classes and institutes, the newspaper usually publishes student jokes, memes and skits on the topic of the session, popular among young people.

In these scenes, collages with cut-out faces of popular teachers and students look very funny.

Congratulations in verse can also be found online, or you can write them yourself.

Templates for making wall newspapers with your own hands

Ready-made sketches simplify the poster making process. The templates are suitable for those who doubt their artistic talents and those who want to complete the work in a shorter time frame. The finished images can be simply drawn or printed and colored, which any student can handle. And, fortunately, there is a huge selection of templates.

Joint production of wall newspapers develops team spirit and brings the guys closer together. All the ornaments are simple, so they are suitable even for preschoolers.

Homemade newspaper

You can make it on a white background, or you can tint it with a suitable color. White protrusions and snowflakes will look good against a dark background.

Vytynanki are stencils that need to be cut out with scissors in certain places and then pasted onto any surface. Usually they are glued to windows, doors, shop windows. In our case, you can glue them to a wall newspaper. The vytynanki can be printed on a printer by taking them from the network.

You can paint a winter landscape with white gouache. It will be retro in the style of the 70s, but for this you need to have an art school background. You can cut out the snowflakes yourself from white napkins and glue them to the newspaper.

You can use a variety of techniques to create a newspaper:


This technique usually uses colored paper or ready-made pictures, which are placed on a sheet with the help of scissors and glue. You can use old New Year's cards.


Collage is the creation of an image using various photographs, drawings, and small objects that suit the design. To create a collage, you will need old fashion magazines. From these you can take silhouettes of people to create your collage.


Recently, this is a fashionable hobby that allows you to combine visual and literary artistic images together. This term means the arrangement of personal photographs, memories, diaries, etc. in the form of a book or postcard.

Scrapbooking elements also include various sequins, decorative tape, dried flowers, photo fragments, etc.


Quilling, or “paper rolling” in other words, can also become a decoration for your wall newspaper. The name of this technique comes from the English word "feather".

This may be due to the fact that thin strips of paper twisted into various spirals resemble bird feathers. This technique is as follows: thin strips of paper are twisted into spirals of different diameters (the so-called modules), from which an image is then assembled.

For example, with the help of quilling you can depict a Christmas tree, a snowman, the clothes of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, and Christmas tree decorations.


Origami is translated from Japanese as “paper folding.” This ancient art originated in China, where paper was invented. After the Second World War, origami came to America and Europe and immediately found a large army of fans there. You can use this technique to create Christmas tree decorations.


Using this technique, a contour pre-printed on a printer is filled with modules of the same size - for example, circles or squares of the same size. Using mosaics, you can lay out silhouettes of birds, animals, etc.


It is done with gouache, watercolors, wax crayons, markers, colored pencils, or spray cans. An image is created on whatman paper using a pre-printed outline.


Drawing is the creation of an image using your own strength and imagination. It is advisable to have some skills and observe proportions when drawing human figures.

In the corners you can decorate the newspaper with natural fir branches with cones or Christmas tree decorations. The cones must first be lightly “powdered with snow.”

Snow can be depicted using foam plastic. To do this, a piece of polystyrene foam needs to be crumbled on a fine vegetable grater and glued to the pine cone.

You can decorate your poster all over the field with confetti. Confetti can be made using a regular hole punch.

Old cosmetics catalogs, any colored paper, old postcards, etc. are suitable for confetti.

Your newspaper, along with the Christmas tree, will create a festive mood for your team for the whole year.

Beautiful and funny congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man

Looking for congratulations on a man's 50th birthday? On our website we present beautiful and original words of congratulations on a man’s 50th birthday in his own words and with humor. Congratulations are presented for a man in verse and prose on his 50th anniversary. Choose the greeting you like and send it via SMS. Or congratulate your man on his anniversary in person.


Today you are the hero of the day. May all your dreams come true, May you have good health, May your heart full of love.

At 50 people are stately, wise, prominent and pleasant. You drive women crazy, But you need one - a wife.

The children are all proud of you, they strive to imitate you. You are a family man and a father - For example, a sample.


Fifty dollars of life have rolled up, And what do you have in the end? I haven’t conquered all the peaks, I haven’t conquered all the beaten paths.

Yes, you still have to plow! You are wiry, it’s not difficult for you. And you and I can still drink for at least half a century.

You haven’t seen the Dawn yet, Don’t you dare think about the sunset! With the beginning of you all, let's roll 50!


Like a polished nickel, the birthday boy shines. No, guys, it’s not like that: He’s already fifty dollars!

Order now a gun, a spinning rod and a flashlight. Only your desire - Well, we will give it!

Life experience with you: If you don’t drink, you won’t quit. May fate give you everything you don’t ask for!


The hero of the day is fifty! And the eyes burn more intensely. Young and energetic - The most fantastic age. From the bottom of my heart I want to say, I wish you health, a long life and good luck, so that you can easily solve problems. So that every holiday brings friends together in the house!


Anniversary is a wonderful holiday! And for all men, age suits them. Let it be a day of happiness, luck, May luck rush to the porch.

At 50, so much has been achieved: In work, in family, and in the soul. Don’t be sad that you have lived a lot, because a lot has already been accomplished!

We wish you happiness, health and success in your life's journey. May your path be light. Go with love and peace!

SMS congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man


You are fifty today, we are all happy to congratulate you. And your age is not a problem, on the contrary, it is your reward.

In him, intelligence and wisdom have gathered, Goals have already been achieved. Life is seething in it, as before, and awaits your bold decisions.

So let this anniversary leave a sea of ​​impressions. Be fresh, lucky, don’t get sick - An example for younger generations!


May everyone congratulate you today at fifty, your neighbors, your family, your colleagues and your friends! Everyone will wish you happiness, And health too, Long life to you, God will help you!


Fifty wonderful years remain behind you. They sped up, slowed down, and now their trace is gone.

Every day, increasing your life experience, you remain respected for everyone - for your family and for your colleagues.

We want to wish you luck. And so as not to grow old in soul. Happy Birthday! Know that we are always with you.


You had to live brightly, joyfully for half a century. You always tried to be a real person.

Happy anniversary! Don't get lost in the bustle! I sincerely wish you to always be on top!


Congratulations to the hero of the day! You're already fifty. Let the guitar strike a chord and sing in your soul.

Let there always be only happiness, Money, joy, faith, laughter. Let neither health nor success be divided into parts.

May the years never have power over you. All events are wonderful, The heart is always young!

Congratulations to a man on his 50th birthday with a joke


Happy anniversary, 50th milestone. Time for life results, New plans and hopes.

I want to wish you strength in reaching the top. So that there is an abundance of everything: dachas, apartments, yachts and cars.

Let your friendly family be your reliable support. Only true friends surround you in life.


You are fifty today! Everyone wants to congratulate you and wish you love, health, good luck, happiness, lots of money.

And from my wife - only kind words, So that you can catch a catch while fishing, Your soul will not grow old in life, And you will not regret anything!


On this good holiday of yours, I wish you, dear, that you will be healthy, strong, that you will always be beautiful, that your life will become more fun on this anniversary! So that happiness is nearby, So that the children are happy. I congratulate you, loving you dearly.


To live half a century is not to cross a field, And many roads have already been traversed. Let only the best await you ahead, And in some ways it’s worth taking stock.

House, tree, heir - everything is on track. I wish you peace and health, You can do the rest yourself. You can. You can do it. I know for sure.


Well, look how good you are: You literally shine from the inside, Smart, handsome with your face, And you flex your muscles to the fullest.

Relatives and guests are vying with each other. Everyone wants to congratulate you: There are wishes and toasts - You are fifty today.

So become better over the years, but there is no other way. Love, dare, sing often in your soul, Be like exquisite cognac!

50th anniversary for a man


One day a day comes in life, And you realize that you have lived for half a century. This is not a line, but a new step for a real man. Human!

On this anniversary we wish you to take a step confidently, with hope, with delight! And let congratulations from family, colleagues, and friends be the most memorable moment.


The anniversary has come to your home, Everyone is at the festive table, Toasts sound merrily. You are 50 today!

We will not lose face, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, we have a lot to wish and good things to say.

You are a reliable and faithful friend, and in business you are always the first. Best family man: Husband, father, nephew, son.

May there always be health and good luck. Only joy will come, In the house there will be: structure, comfort.


Fifty is half a century. This is an important and significant period. On this day we wish you: Be happy, don’t be hard on yourself.

You are a handsome and stately man, You are a good owner, husband, At work you are a valuable employee, And in the company you are a devoted friend.

Remain the same cheerful person with an open soul. Everything you dream about will happen, and great success awaits you!


The first wish today, Will be on a solid turn: May you live another hundred years, Keeping youth in your soul.

Let there be work and health, May your working family take care of you, May your loved ones please you with love and gifts, your friends,

Let there always be, our birthday boy, Motivation for every day, Even though he exchanged fifty dollars, But he never became too lazy to walk.


Fifty years is a respectable age, A wonderful holiday, an anniversary, Your friends have gathered together, Hurry, pour everyone a glass!

Let's raise them for the hero of the day, And let him live another hundred years, After all, he is not old at all, He knows the secret of youth!

We always want to see you, So cheerful, mischievous, Always fit, respectable, Father and friend of the world!

Happy 50th birthday to a man


A magnificent man, Strong and in his prime. 50 is not a reason for you to grow old and yearn.

Be cheerful and energetic, the Golden head of the family. Be happy infinitely, drown in great love.

Let your wife not nag you, Children give you the joy of your days, Let your income be stable - Only goodness in your destiny!


The moment you appeared, a star was born in the sky. And it should glow for at least a hundred years.

So that everything in life comes true, preserve your health, and give the love that is in your heart to your loved ones.

We wish you happiness and the jackpot of luck. At 50 you know exactly how to live life beautifully.


Half a century ago, a very small boy was born snoring in his bedroom... Now you are as powerful as a baobab tree! Your snoring sometimes scares your neighbors. Let today's Anniversary date add branched family happiness, And let everything that was unbearable for your soul, That has become small over the years, not in size, Let it certainly remain behind! Let the bird of luck stop resting - It is on your shoulder forever. In love and abundance so that your life continues!


In the half century that has passed since your birth, we raise this toast. We are simply delighted that we have YOU in our lives, kind, smart, honest, and so wonderful from head to toe!


What can you wish for a man at fifty? We want to increase our wealth, To feel like we are 25, To avoid being disturbed by doctors’ visits.

I could calmly enjoy my family, so that fate would not dare to hurt me. Well, on this anniversary we also wish you to be proud of your children.

Touching congratulations on the man's 50th birthday


You lived with dignity for half a century, You achieved a lot with difficulty, In the circle of your huge family, You will celebrate the holiday at the table!

We congratulate you on your Anniversary, We wish you many, many years to live in health and, without aging, Give good light to all your loved ones!


On your anniversary birthday! I wish you prosperity, and good luck without a doubt, and a steely grip in business.

Life without grief and image, There is peace, warmth, comfort in the house. Let the star of love shine and let your family always wait!


On your birthday, let Health and Happiness rush to your home! A wonderful age - fifty. We congratulate you on your anniversary! Fun, joy, love, success in the life of the carousel. So that now you can achieve everything that you haven’t managed to achieve yet. We wish that in the hustle and bustle of life, let Fate help you, And only those who are so important to your heart will be nearby.


Please accept our congratulations on your 50th birthday, dear hero of the day! Let everything in your life work out perfectly, your loved ones always warm you with their attention, your colleagues respect you, your fortune multiplies, and your health does not fail you. Life is fleeting, so take care of every moment, don’t waste time on trifles. Let all your dreams come true!


What is fifty? This is the age of those guys, Who are already immensely wise, The children have probably grown up. They have positions, but their pockets don’t get shallow. This is the time when plans mature, When you want to fly, There is still a lot to see. Birthday boy, be more cheerful, move your body faster, accept congratulations! Have some fun! Let's! Let's!

SMS happy 50th birthday to a man. Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man


Half of the past century - Much or little, perhaps? We want to congratulate the person who knows how to live so beautifully.

So that you learn a lot from life, So that you can preserve Youth, energy and liveliness in your soul, So that you always want to love.

So that over the years it only gets stronger, What we managed to collect, So that wishes always come true And I also want to make a wish!


Half a century is already behind you, you have managed to achieve a lot, we congratulate you on your anniversary, we wish you to reach a hundred years.

May your health not fail you, And may your luck not turn away, May everything that is a dream now very soon turn into reality.

You maintain faith in your strength, don’t let happiness slip away, appreciate every moment of your life, because you can’t get it back.


There is a long road behind us, and it is even longer ahead! So let me wish you good health, many bright and happy days!

You are a visible and handsome man, You have nothing to be sad about your years! Be loved and happy! And we wish you to live a hundred years!


Fifty is a very important date. It’s time to sum up some results. But today we want to tell everyone, guys: Our hero of the day still has everything ahead!

We wish you happiness, joy, good luck, happy days and easy long years. Let difficult tasks take off, but there is simply no place for sadness in life!

Always be in a great mood, Always look ahead with joy. Love, healthcare, kindness, luck, May optimism continue to bring every year!


Today my friend and I will celebrate his birthday; He was born again for us - This must be understood.

May good luck protect you, Happy every day; Let the road be smooth, without gaps and stones.

You get rich over the years And you are already fifty, But if you are young at heart, The years do not hang as a burden.

Let your soul laugh, Keep good feelings, And the idea will turn into a Plus for any day.

Beautiful congratulations on a man’s 50th birthday in verse


What a date - fifty - What an anniversary! Gather your friends at the festive table as soon as possible.

And let there be no sad faces, Let there be a feast like a mountain, All congratulations to you - Today you are a hero.

Rich, successful, full of energy - a husband anywhere. So stay young for many years to come!


There is no place to hide, no place to hide, But this does not suit a man. The anniversary is already knocking on your door and throws happiness away on the fly.

50! It’s still the height of emotions, It’s the best color to love and just live. May spring always laugh in your soul and know how to slow down often.

Let these years not age you, Your vigor goes right over the edge. Happy birthday! Good health, warmth from family and many blessings.


Superman, the dream of all women, knows exactly what it costs. He puts the load on his shoulders - And forward, almost running.

Congratulations on your worthy holiday, In a class of 50 people! Always be a hot handsome man, just as dexterous and handy.

Live together with your wife and don’t have any problems with your children! There is no need to grow old at 50, just bloom to the envy of everyone!


Is this a serious date? 50 is your prime. Let him look at your passport, it’s your fault, you don’t care about him!

Let the wine play in the glass, and of course cognac is better. On your anniversary we wish you: Do not slow down your confident step.

Strive to new heights, Don't give up when it's not easy. After all, a man like you requires a very large space.


Worthy of an award and pleasing to the eye. A solid, successful man. All women's eyes are on you today - Medicine is powerless for them.

Just fifty years that have happened. Today we summarize: A huge sea of ​​good victories, Pleasant meetings on the road.

We would like to wish you to grow younger in soul and in body so that you do not grow old. Achieve success in all your endeavors, confidently moving towards your goal!

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man in verse


Well, is that a lot - 50, When the soul sings and strives upward, When the eyes laugh and burn, A rich and fulfilling life?

Happy anniversary today, keep it up! Always be stylish and respectable. So that you don’t miss anything and never grow old in your soul!


On your anniversary, I want to congratulate you and wish you to be a reliable support for your soulmate and a worthy example for your children, to be someone who has not lost the ability to enjoy little things, regardless of your advanced age, to always remain a stern, but the most wonderful boss and always remember that at 50 years of age life becomes even more interesting and interesting.


It’s only the middle of life, Our beloved hero of the day, But you won’t be given that many years of age, dear.

Young in spirit, young in body, You are beautiful, no doubt about it. You enter fifty boldly, knowing a new blossoming.

Wisdom is inaccessible to the young, Lightness is inaccessible to older people, You remain wise, Strong, forever young.


You have already lived for half a century and achieved a lot. What you had, you multiplied, But you will continue to grow.

On the anniversary day, we wish you New labor victories, Bright meetings, love without end - Everything is for good, not for harm.

Be a support for your family, Always lend a shoulder. And health... This is important, To live another fifty years!


You won’t believe it, you are an excellent student, ten times you are 5. On this round personal date, we would like to wish you the most joyful events, good news, the most festive arrivals of expected guests. Be stronger and more cheerful, Don’t get bored and don’t get sick. And at the hundredth anniversary, gather everyone in the same way.

Photos of New Year's wall newspapers

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