DIY Christmas crafts step by step: master class with photos and descriptions of creating unique crafts

Light bell for Christmas

There are many ways to make this craft. It can be done on a plane made of salt dough or plasticine. But there is another secret on how to do it.

Stages of work:

  • make a hole in a small plastic cup with an awl or a sharp pencil;
  • paint the glass in any shade;
  • We make a beautiful loop from wire, the base of which is inserted into the hole of the cup;
  • tie a cute bow above the bell;
  • at the end you can also decorate with some decorative items.

The next option for making a Christmas bell

To manufacture it, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • take a heated light bulb;
  • glue pieces of paper to it;
  • apply several layers and leave to dry;
  • divide the bell into two parts to remove the elements of the light bulb, while trying to follow safety precautions;
  • we fasten the two parts of the light bulb;
  • paint it golden;
  • We place a metal tongue inside;
  • we make beautiful decorations and bows.

Hemp and jute

In recent years, decoration using twine and cord made from these materials has been steadily gaining popularity. Their color, texture, density and ease of processing attract the attention of an increasing number of handmade lovers.

Such a cord can be glued in a circle with rings, spirals or fancy loops, wrapped around a ring or pasted over it with pre-prepared elements made from this material (coils, knots, braids, etc.).

Its possibilities are so rich that sometimes a product, the design of which uses, for example, cords of various thicknesses, does not need additional decoration. A frame covered with hemp or jute is already beautiful. Therefore, you need to choose additions moderately and carefully, emphasizing the modest elegance of the material.

Pasta, buttons, cereals

The basis for the design of a Christmas wreath can be the bulk technique using materials that can be found on the farm. Pasta, cereals, and beans will come in handy. A scattering of buttons will look beautiful and festive.

If you intend to choose one of these options, it is worth compacting the frame somewhat and adding volume and convexity to it. This can be done by gluing a strip of crumpled paper (newspapers, magazine pages, notebook or album sheets) in the middle part of the ring.

To make the surface of the base smooth again, cover the raised area with a layer of napkins or pieces of paper (papier-mâché). Then you can start decorating.

  • Apply a layer of glue to a small area of ​​the frame
  • Sprinkle or carefully place pasta, cereal or buttons on it
  • Work in small areas to prevent the glue from drying out prematurely.
  • Repeat this step until the ring is completely covered.
  • In one product you can alternate elements of different sizes and shapes
  • When the glue dries, shake off anything that doesn't stick. If there are gaps, fill them.
  • Paint the finished frame with spray paint.
  • A wreath decorated with buttons does not need to be painted if that is what you want.

This method is also suitable for decorating a Christmas wreath using natural materials: leaves, pine cones, acorns, seeds, twigs, etc.

Gift souvenir from a plastic bottle

This craft will be an elegant gift for loved ones.


  • cut the bottle, separating the neck and bottom;
  • Place foam or cotton wool on the bottom, creating snow;
  • add some New Year's toys inside;
  • glue the neck of the bottle with the bottom;
  • Finally, decorate the souvenir with decorative items.

Christmas Angel

Such crafts for Christmas are beautiful and full of tenderness.

Light air craft involves the following steps:

  • cut a blue circle out of paper or take a ready-made lace circle used for dishes;
  • fold it in half and decorate the bottom in the form of cutouts, like snowflakes;
  • straighten the circle and make a cone out of it;
  • glue the bead to the top of the cone;
  • At the back of the bead, attach a circle of white paper, larger than the head. This will create the image of a halo;
  • draw a model of the wings on white paper and cut them out;
  • then glue the wings to the back of the cone;
  • make the collar for the angel in the same way;
  • make a small hole in the halo and thread a string;
  • the arms are then made by threading string through the beads and fastening them around the cone
  • our craft is ready!

Rules for decorating a nativity scene

The nativity scene should be in the form of a stable, in the middle of the manger with the baby Jesus, next to the parents Mary and Joseph, necessarily oxen and donkeys who warmed the newborn with their warmth, an eight-pointed star and angels who brought the good news should be attached to the top of the composition, shepherds stand at the entrance with joy, having received good news.

There is scattered hay in the barn, in front there is a picket fence or wattle fence. A garland can serve as a backlight.

The nativity scene is decorated with branches of pine needles and placed in the most visible place.

Craft “Christmas wreath” for children

This type of Christmas-themed crafts looks very beautiful in the corner where the icons stand, and they will also be a great gift for relatives. On this wreath we will depict the most important event in the life of mankind. This kind of craft is suitable even for small children; its simple design is easy to master and remember.

This wreath will create peace in your home. In the process of completing the craft, the child also realizes his involvement in the bright Christian holiday.

Home decoration using candles

Traditionally, Catholics decorate their homes with candles for Christmas. Typically this is a composition of several tall red candles placed on a tray and occupying a central place in the interior. Fir branches, Christmas toys, fruits and other Christmas-themed decorations go well with candles.

A composition in which candles are placed on the legs of inverted wine glasses will look festive. It’s not difficult to create; for this you will need small figurines of angels, snowmen or other New Year’s characters.

Quilling works

DIY quilling Christmas crafts for children are very relevant for this age period. During the quilling process, the child’s speech develops because hand motor skills improve.

Christmas quilling products amaze with their grace and simplicity. After all, the main thing is the usual technique of folding colored ribbons in a spiral. After this, the twisted spirals are given a certain shape. There is an unlimited number of photos of Christmas crafts using this technique.

Magical memories

You don't need to be a DIY expert to create your own fabulous glow wall in minutes! Who would have thought that it would be so easy to turn fairy lights in your bedroom into magical keepsake photos.

This is the perfect place to hang your favorite photos. You can hang anything from Polaroid photos to greeting cards.

What you need:

  • Glowing garlands;
  • Small clothespins;
  • Nails;
  • Hammer;
  • Pencil.

  1. Select a wall in your bedroom that needs extra light. Lightly mark the nail points with a pencil, it doesn't have to be perfect. A total of six nails may be enough to create this look;
  2. Once you're happy with where the nails will go, use a hammer to lightly tap them into the wall - watch your fingers!;
  3. Start hanging the garland from side to side, weaving them through the nails;
  4. Once you're happy with the placement of your garland, it's time for the finishing touches! Use clothespins to hang your photos or cards on fairy lights.

Children's creativity from puzzles

Sometimes it happens that some details are lost in the puzzle system. Then from the remaining parts you can make cute crafts for Christmas for school and kindergarten. Children of different age periods can cope with the technique of performing this kind of crafts.

To work you will need:

  • puzzles;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • strong thread;
  • paints.

Product execution instructions

First you need to cut out a certain blank from a cardboard sheet. It depends on what will be done next. These can be the shapes of Christmas trees, wreaths, houses, and so on. Then, in a chaotic order, we glue the parts to the plane of the figure.

After this, we paint the puzzles in the color we need and wait until they dry. A hole is made for the loop at the top of our workpiece. At the end of all the work, we decorate our product with decorative items that our heart desires.

Consistent technique of product execution

First of all, you need to complete the base for the wreath. We cut it out of strong cardboard so that there is no deformation. Then we wrap either tinsel or pine needles around the form.

A reliable cardboard base is firmly glued to the center of the wreath. A candle is fixed to it. As we continue our work, we glue the cones and sprinkle them with decorative snow.

To hide the place where the cardboard base and the candle are fastened, we tie a beautiful necklace around its base. At the end of the whole process, all that remains is to decorate our craft, as much as your imagination will be limitless.

And again the decor

Jewelry design is of great importance. It helps to create and feel the holiday atmosphere. Therefore, the choice of decor must be approached very responsibly:

  • Do not overload the craft
  • Pay attention to the combination of colors and sizes of decorative parts
  • Monitor the compatibility of textures, etc.
  • Maintain balance and harmony

  1. Thus, a ring covered with lush sparkling tinsel does not need any additions, just like a wreath decorated with multi-colored buttons or covered with pine cones.
  2. The frame, covered with burlap or thick textiles, can be supplemented with narrow braid, small cones and Christmas balls, spruce branches and bells. You can stick a few coffee beans and acorns, dry leaves and small toys on it. A similar decor is suitable for a Christmas wreath decorated with hemp or jute.
  3. Discreet, modest additions in the form of fir branches with a few cones and small berries will decorate a craft draped with chintz and other simple fabrics. But silk and satin can be strewn with stars “tangled” in lush spruce branches. The main thing is not to hide the beautifully iridescent material under them.
  4. Wreaths made of cereals and pasta are also interesting in themselves, but can be supplemented with bows, cones, small bells and berries. A nice addition and accent for them would be a ribbon pendant with a fluffy bow or an original knot.

Any design solution has the right to exist if it is combined with the interior design and is liked by those who live in the house. After all, the purpose of decor is to create a festive mood, a desire to have fun and share your joy with your family.

Cute wreath made with kids' hands

To implement it, you don’t need a lot of materials: a round, wide base for a wreath made of strong cardboard, paper of different green shades, glue, scissors, a pencil and decorations, thread for a loop.

This craft is done as follows:

  • trace your palms on a green sheet of paper;
  • carefully cut them along the contour;
  • glue all the cut out paper palms one by one onto a round cardboard base;
  • make a hole in the wreath for the thread;
  • it is fixed;
  • decorate with various decorative items.

The relevance of this product also lies in the fact that paper palms can be made by each member of the family, or a kindergarten group, or a class of students. This creates a kind of team unity.

Ribbons, fabric and burlap

Let's assume that the frame is already ready and it's time to start decorating.

  1. If the main leitmotif of the room design is calm tones, feel free to choose thick fabric or burlap to decorate the wreath.
  2. You can paste them over the frame either by cutting out and gluing a similar shape (taking into account the additions “at the seams”, that is, masking the ends), or by wrapping them with a narrow strip of the selected material.
  3. Crafts draped in chintz, satin or poplin look interesting and cute in their own way.

If you need to make a bright accent or want to add some festive sparkle to your design, choose brocade, silk, satin or ribbons made from these materials. And draperies made of plush or velvet will add rigor and solemnity to the product.

Corduroy fabric will add a touch of seriousness and thoughtfulness, and jeans of any color will add an element of informality, frivolity or rebellion to the decor.

The importance of preserving Christian traditions

In our time, when there is a massive retreat from the Orthodox faith, it is important to introduce the younger generation to the history of sacred holidays and Christian traditions.

In technology lessons, or in kindergarten classes, in addition to the technique of performing certain Christmas crafts, it is vitally important to immerse children in the essence of the Christmas holiday.

DIY Christmas crafts are the most interesting activity for preschool and school-age children. Tactile memory plays a leading role in the development of a child. Thanks to this, the baby will never forget what he put his diligence and work into.

Photos of Christmas crafts

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